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  • Hi GlitchKrieg, your are right, in general it should not matter on which drive Everspace is installed to. I just checked this on my system and can confirm that I'm running the UWP version from my secondary drive as well. But I also remember this is…
  • Hi kalocin, thanks for sharing this log. Sadly I could not gain too much additional information from it. This MoBEX errors in general seems to be related to the app cache, it might be worth a try to run the troubleshooter for Windows apps to fix it …
  • Hi kalocin, when reinstalling the game have you also tried to (backup and) delete the ROCKFISHGames.* folders in AppData/Local/Packages to ensure the new installation also comes with a clean config? Your save games are stored via XBox Live and shoul…
  • Hi simba, glad to hear this worked out for you. Our recommended way to start the game is using one of the EverspaceWith...Libraries.sh scripts in the game folder. If you should run into any issues related to video playback, try one of these.
  • Hi simba, thanks for your report on this issue. Are you able to reproduce this error? If so, what steps are required to do so? My first guess from reading this log is that the pak-file got corrupted. So if this is reproducable please try to re-insta…
  • Hi faldiin, there still seem to be some issues with multi-monitor setups on Linux, but sadly there is currently not much we can do about it with reasonable effort. But you can try to use [F] instead of [Enter] when navigating the menu. So you still …
  • Just checked again. The error from using the wrong vlc version usually results in a SIGSEGV, so I agree with you: this looks more like a typical dependency -BEEP- issue. If we are lucky it is caused by a direct dependency of the game. Please try to …
  • Hi audi100quattro, this might be caused by loading a wrong version of vlc libraries for video playback. There are two start scripts located in the game folder. Have you already tried both of them?
  • Hi Overmind, I sadly can not provide you directly with a solution. But at least there are a few things you can check. Error 5 means access denied in most cases on Windows but it seems to be unclear wether this refers to the service or to some file …