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Hi all,
I don’t post very often at all, so be patient with me if I am covering topics and discussions already posted or discussed. After having a quick read, there are some really clever people on here sharing their ideas already.

To start – this is a pretty awesome game. It was a shocker at first. The number of times I nearly got to the $10k mark, but failed. I nearly quit. Once I got hold of the Gunship, it helped a lot (meaning it should be a bit cheaper – maybe $8k to buy in), but the Colonial Scout kicked -BEEP- and I’ve now finished the game with that. After a while, I began to see a real lot of effort and small things that made it all worthwhile. Like having any superfluous nanobots auto healing you without having to mess with anything. And these are my thoughts.

The initial voices and sounds were ok. Worked just fine – but just needed more of it. Spending the effort to change the voice won’t help improve immersion. But maybe adding a female protagonist by choice could help. Go to any acting college and there should be heaps of voices to pick from for cheap.

There needs to be two hotkey slots for devices and consumables. Even if you don’t – at least allow the user to select the second device without having to equip it. Like having the Gunship use the front shield, and then using the turret without having to equip.

Maybe set up your consumables with F (F1, F2, F3 etc) keys shortcuts. If one is empty - then the manufacturing menu comes up.

Need to allow the Gunship to bounce of walls a little more when trying to navigate those -BEEP- tiny tunnels. The enhancement that allows 50% less damage – but lessens inertia dampening does not help at all.

Seriously – the Gunship needs help. Too weak because it has no shield – especially in a lightning storm. Maybe combat drones can constructed/called in for the ship over periods of time (no crafting items needed).

Absinthus – said there needs to be more tolerance from G&B. Maybe G&B need to warn you before going postal on your -BEEP- if you do it again (have shot at Okkar scout and accidentally blew up a fuel tank).

pr3t3nd3r mentioned that there needs more factions – not just G and B. And an ability to bribe/contact/negotiate the outlaws would add a heap of depth. If you added an extra faction or two, you could then choose which faction and run with the benefits and downside of each. Could you imagine a four-way fight between different groups?

pr3t3nd3r also said entering a black hole would be awesome. Maybe the player could craft something to help survive the experience and have some tiny clue somewhere to let the player know when they could chance it (am assuming rarest of rare chances).

ghostFace – said we need the ability to re-order equipment. Sounds like you guys are already all over that one.

Those storm-waves of whatever they are in the later sectors – don’t seem to effect enemies much. They die quicker – but they don’t seem to get blown about. The Computer voice should also be able to warn they are coming too.

Anything small needs to be smashable. All of them.

There also needs to be more explosions and points where you can really smash the daylights out of a base that has given you a hard time. Again – if there were more factions, completely trashing a base might also have bigger consequences later on. Maybe also if there was a way to blame it on another faction? Maybe you open it up for your favoured faction to raid it and then gain you more loot/money/kudos. Would love the smash-and-trash option just for shoots and giggles anyhoo.

If a second loadout can be unlocked – then the player should be able to say what is in it. The Gunship second loadout is garbage, and would love to pick and choose for both it and the Scout.

Why is the ship you are piloting the only ship out there looking for stuff? Wouldn’t there be more than one? Wouldn’t it be competitive too – meaning any rival might get to stuff first? Maybe an opportunity to ally with them - or have them screw you over and leave you to the mercies of the oncoming Okkar? Another opportunity for more depth.

Am sure you have more to give, and am looking forward to it as I have already finished with the Scout and gave up on the Gunship.

If anything, it should be considered that THIS IS A GOOD START. Am proud to have bought it and helped out. There is a long way to go before it is GREAT - but it COULD be. Keep it up!


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    Hey @quiet08 thank you for taking the time to flush out some of your thoughts here and share with the community! Glad you're enjoying the experience and suggestions are always welcome.

    I wanted to mention that the Gunship really shines in lightning storms: When affected, the player ship LOSES shields and GAINS energy. A common misconception is that these fields damage the hull, but this isn't true. Lightning storms DO NOT DAMAGE THE HULL, which means the Gunship can sit inside and gain a constant supply of free energy! Pretty neat, huh?!

    I think it might be difficult to make the G&B more tolerable to attacks, but I think it would be a nice addition to all of those Diplomacy Perks to be able to steal a free G&B Container without ticking them off, to popping a fuel canister before being barraged. If this happened, I think it would be clever to have the G&B radio the player and issue a warning.

    With the game coming out in less than a month's time, it might be hard to implement the latter G&B radio concept, but I think the diplomacy could get tweaked a bit.

    I also like your ideas of blowing up more components of bases, but do keep in mind that the inclusion of more interactables means more loading and potentially more slow-down. Everspace has some crazy optimization because of the careful selection of items that are spawned into any given area. Still, blowing up stuff is awesome. Guess we'll see what the devs think! :smiley:

    Having another loadout that is customizable is kind of a cool idea. Perhaps it could be a fourth Loadout, only unlocked once all Ship-Specific Perks have been obtained for that ship? The trick might be figuring out what the player can place into the loadout, could be easy to make an overpowered build. Maybe the player has to spend Credits they earned from the previous run on different items to add it to the loadout? ACTUALLY, THAT SOUNDS AWESOME. @ROCKFISH_Andi , there may be a new late-game credit sink for the game!

    All in all, don't give up on the Gunship! I've absolutely fallen in love with it since it's overhaul in v0.4, and I think v0.7 has tweaked things more in it's favor as well. Each ship offers a different challenge, and the Gunship's lack of shields and speed definitely makes it a challenging one. But it can also dish out some of the greatest damage in the game with having multiple Combat Drones out and the Turret active at the same time, in addition to the ship's Main Weapon.

    Thanks again for your feedback!
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    Thanks for all the input, you mention some good points (hotkeys for example) - however we're really busy at the moment adding the story and everything that has to be in for the full release on May 26th - not sure if we'll manage to add more features until then - but we can always add a few new features post release.
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