A few thoughts since I've been away for two updates....

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Firstly, god I had forgotten how much fun this game is!!!! I have gamer friends coming over tomorrow and can not WAIT to show them this! Most fun I've had in a loooong time! Love all the new updates, this game is really moving in the right direction, I seriously can not wait for the full game with story lines and extra bits!!

A few thoughts:

Crafting consumables (mainly thinking standard missiles here) Having to press the confirm button 20 times to craft twenty missiles is a bit tedious.....maybe if you held the button for say a second, it would add one every half a second.....so just hold the button until full, or you run out of resources?
.....or perhaps have a 'craft this' selection to always craft the item as soon as you have the available resorces (though this really would take the fun away of running out mid fight)

Icons: I am constantly finding it hard to spot rescourse when I've scanned....especially when the background is blue. I'd like an option to change the colours, perhaps even have an option that will cycle through colours. Also, I find it difficult to spot them when they are in front (i.e. Not on the peripheral of the radar map, perhaps have it change their colour when they are in line of sight (or an option to do so)

Changing through the ships decals/colours in main menu: Why make it so if you want to look at the ship with the left stick to admire your new design, do I then have to press the back button to bring the colour selection window back up? I'd like to cycle the choices AND look at the ship from different angles at the same time...

There are times when I'd like to boost backwards: when holding reverse, it would be great to hit the boost button and boost in reverse....

Love love love the way you listen to people on here, so many great changes (by far the best I've noticed is the having to hold the button to use consumables, so glad you sorted that one!) love the all the new graphic updates, the more varied exploration, the tougher upgrading, the hard to find perks, I really can't fault it so far, I'm so excited to see what's added in the final release! Keep up the GREAT work, ANDY please please, prey to the gaming gods that this is well advertised and well received!!!!


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    crafting consumables - I don't think it's that big a deal to press twenty times to craft 20 missiles. The other way around would be more prone to errors. But maybe they could add a button for tens, like crafting 10 in a row.

    Icons- I completely agree. The hud icons are very thin, with very discrete colors. Sometimes is really hard to fix that mineable resource, or that container. Icons could be a tad bigger and thicker in lines, and their color could be changeable in the menu.

    Ships colors menu - Yes, it would be much better to be able to change colors/skins while moving the camera around. The way it is, the camera always resets when we try to change another color.

    Boost backwards - No way. Sorry mate, cannot agree. That would totally be an exploit to the game mechanics.
  • invenioinvenio Member Posts: 110
    I also have some difficulty with identify the icons for enemies and loot. It would be good to have them maybe slightly larger and maybe with some "information" built in. For example, if the item is closer, the icon would be slightly larger vs very distant items. For example, near by enemies have bigger red triangles (and thus are an immediate threat) vs small ones which are out of firing distance.

    I agree with troopi, no reverse boost, that would almost feel like cheating.
  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Moderator Posts: 579
    Thanks for the suggestions. I will discuss them with the team.
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