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Hello Everspace Community and Rockfish Games,

The v0.4 update has been a great addition to the game bringing ALL players (PC and XBox) up to speed, granting access to a slew of new elements. It's clear the team has set in motion a grand experience for all of us with attention to progression and late-game functionality alike, but as any work-in-progress goes, it's time for some constructive criticism.

The topics addressed in this post are elements that were changed by the v0.4 update itself and are of my own opinions; this does not reflect the team's thoughts, random streamers or others I've engaged with across the world. You are free to disagree (or agree) with any of these statements. And if you do, PLEASE comment below; I'd love to hear your thoughts!


The Funship – While it's debatable that the Front Shield Generator has become necessary for the Gunship, the additional armor and energy have made this flying spacetank a much more enjoyable experience. It may be slow, but it is the master of Devices and Drones and creates some remarkable firepower in an instant without being punished too heavily without a shield.

Risk-Taking Enhancements – Gain the boon of your liking for the entirety of your run without taking up a device slot? Fantastic. Balancing the buff by dealing with a unique challenge? Bring it on. Excellent for replayability.

General Customization – It's the simplest things that make a game shine, and this does it in an assortment of colors. Would love to see more types of textures, if possible.

Ship Loadouts – New ways to start a run give the player new ways to experiment. Though I wonder if there's a way to make these feel more unique? (Like altering ship aesthetics, depending on which one you choose?)

Holding Down for Consumables – No more accidentally using those one-time items. THANK YOU.

Okkar Fleet instead of Okkar Interceptors – Being pinned down by Interceptors was frustrating with those ridiculous green coil guns. Now, simple Fighters or multiple Corvettes puts greater tension on the player for taking too long without that long-ranged major damage sniping, but with an enjoyable "getting overwhelmed" vibe.

Increased Energy Allocation on Adaptive Armor – This needs to be said: Higher Marks are not just better versions of lower Marks. There is a serious repurcussion involved if you want that greater bonus, and this update makes it known, increasing the value of energy with it.

Time Extenders – Bullet-time effect, without being slowed down yourself. Seriously amazing, tons of fun to use.

Derelict Colonial Stations – These tight corners provide a unique experience that mix things up, while granting a prize for those willing to risk their run inside.

Reduced Sensor Damage Impairment – Having this component damaged without the means to repair used to be a near-guaranteed run-killer. The adjustments make it more of an inconvenience more than a death warrant.


LATE GAME Derelict Colonial Stations – Once all the Enhancements have been collected, these dangerous close-quarter structures only swallow up Access Keys. There isn't much incentive to navigate them late-game.

OP Time Extenders – Low cooldown means they can be abused somewhat easily, and they likely need tweaked. @Deathpact suggested making it a consumable...which sounds like the perfect way to negate it's abuse (especially if the consumable requires Dark Energy or Dark Matter).

STATIC, LOW VALUE Enhancements – I'm sure 5% extra armor helps, but it doesn't really feel like it's doing anything other than taking up a valuable Enhancement slot for something more meaningful. For myself, I'd be much more inclined to use these if the bonus was a little higher, paired with a side-effect. Example, Pinball Armor: +10% more Armor, but all physics-based blasts/collisions throw you 100% further.


There are a ton of little tweaks and updates that have aided the overall quality of life that have not been mentioned above, but overall the game is moving in a powerful direction for both early-game and late-game iterations. Knowing that more adjustments to the game to address balance issues are around the corner, I've been very pleased with this update and what it brings to the table.

Personally, I'd love to see a touch more customization to the ship itself regarding aesthetics (through more colors or added textures, unique ship part aesthetics or loadout selections), and I'd enjoy seeing some type of Passive Device, Consumable or Enhancement/Glyph that revealed more information on the Sector Map (like Okkar/G&B/Outlaw Presence, Resource-Rich, Specific Hazard Types, etc).

What are your thoughts about update v0.4? Love it? Hate it? Meh? Please let me know your experience of the game and let's have a discussion. :smile:



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    I love the update. But this is like chocolate. I always want MORE! :D
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