March update glitches

DarkBoltDarkBolt Member Posts: 20
Ok got the update!!! It's recurring glitch- those derelict space stations you added that have little red doors (access keys needed) or blue doors...a number of times I've went either inside or around one and my screen freezes. I literally have to turn my xbox off and restart. So, I restarted my entire game, reset to total noob...on easy difficulty...colonial interceptor...and I'm in sector 2, one location before the jump gate. That is where I got screen freezed twice...and once in a previous area in that derelict station as well. Another glitch is just cosmetic. There is a huge planet that is all lava and volcanic activity, and it keeps most of that location in it's shadow which is cool. This planet also has rings like Saturn which is very cool because you are so close to the rings in that location. So visually it is awesome...but the glitch- is that the rings (made up of meteorites or dust...) Are literally invisible inside the planet's shadow- and I think they should be a few shades darker, not totally invisible in the shadow. Anyway aside from those issues the new download is incredible! I'm looking forward to Destiny style gameplay in space! (That was a suggestion for the


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,204
    Sorry about the crashes and freezes, but glad that you're overall enjoying the new update. We'll investigate what's going on witht the derelict stations on xbox, crashes there have now been reported a few times. In the meantime I'd recommened steering clear of them
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