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I would rather have the windows store key as I own an Xbox One. I only had the choice of Gog or Steam. Is it possible to have the windows store version as a kickstarter backer ? I know this has been mentioned before but the windows store version wasn't out then.


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
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    Due to the multitude of other benefits acquired through the Kickstarter at a reduced price, it would not be advantageous for the developers granting free access to new items that were originally not accounted for. Not to mention this would be frustrating to customers who did not make the Kickstarter (seeing continued bonuses after an already substantial discount for more items to those that simply "bought it early").

    If you would like to acquire the new offer, you'll have to pay for it separately. It's as simple as that.
  • ROCKFISH_MichaelROCKFISH_Michael Administrator Posts: 373
    Spot on, @Giraffasaur! However, it seems quite a few backers missed the announcement about our policy to trade Steam/GOG keys for an Xbox token. So we decided to put late-comers on a waiting list in case any spare tokens will be left after we have served all requests from the gaming press and influencers. To manage your expectations, chances are fairly low as the number of tokens we get from MSFT are limited and we still got tons of request that we haven't be able to serve, yet. However, sending an email to [email protected] with your pledge# doesn't hurt, I guess. ;)
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    That's a very thoughtful move, @ROCKFISH_Michael ; it's great to see the team reaching out to valued customers.
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