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First of all, I'd like to thank the developers for all their efforts and skills! This game is only v0.3 but it's already ahead of the competition! I've been a fan of sci-fi games since like Terminal Velocity back in 1995 (which Everspace reminds me a bit btw :) ) and I've played a lot of them, but it is such a pleasure to play such a beautiful and fun game!

Anyway, on to my suggestions. I hope I will not overwhelm you.... I had to break them in couple of messages :)

1) Add a zoom. I think it would be nice to be able to see enemy bases/ships from a distance to be able to plan an attack or just appretiate the view or huge ships. It can also work with long distance weapons like one of the enemies (I've seen a rogue scout (I think) with a cloak and somekind of a sniper rifle).

2) Pause button. At the moment there is "appretiate-the-view-button" Z, but you don't see collectables and enemies. I guess, as long as you can pause the game with Z anyway, it might be easier to add "show stuff" function. Again, to be able to plan a battle or just look around and see what to collect without being shot.

3) Disable aiming at your own bots/allies. During a heavy fight I tend to auto-aim at my own bots, instead of enemies. I might want to destroy my bot, AFTER the fight if it's damaged and I need a new one (btw, would be a nice feature too, to just remove old bot when a new is dispatched, so that you don't have to shoot it). But during the fight you don't actually see it right away and you might accidentally shoot a few rockets or pulses at your own allies. Maybetprioritizing the aiming at enemies first and then at allies will help.

4) Scanning bot. I've seen on the forums people were asking for salvage/mining bots, which I kinda like, but I think that tractor beam would heavily overlap with them. My idea is to make a scanning bot, that will scan the location, like the scanning probe, but it will not draw the attention of the enemies, yet it will take much longer to scan.

5) Also, please make tractor beam a perk. I've seen it couple of times on the forums, I think it's a great idea!

6) Mercenaries or bribes. A place or a market where you can hire a mercenary or bribe corporate fleet vessels to fight on your side. Would make a huge sense, when there are more missions, where you have to take down lots of enemies. I know there's a perk where G&B should spawn near you if you're being attacked (which btw, never occured to me, though I have it maxed), but what if I like outlaws more? :) Would be really cool to hire a corvette or a drone carrier to assault a freighter :) I would though limit those allies to only one sector, similar to a probe.

7) If there are factions and reputation, I would love to see G&B thank me every time I shoot those rogue pilots near their stations. Vice versa, if I shoot down every G&B vessel on my way, I would love to see rogues leave me alone, if not fight on my side.

8) More diversity in sectors. Don't get me wrong, this game is super beautiful! Yet, I think it will only benefit from greater variety in sectors. The first time you play the game is freaking awesome to look at those backgrounds! But then you start to notice that every sector is a bunch of asteroids on an orbit of a planet/sun.

For example, dusty sectors. Something like the ones you have with the clouds, but those are volumetric and you can see their shape, while I'm suggesting just put a haze on the whole sector (very similar when you’re inside the plasma cloud), visibility limited and you can see clouds of dust as you fly through. Would be an awesome sector if you need to fly it through quickly and there are tons of debris there. For example, those are acidic clouds that deal damage over time and you have only a few minutes to find a gate, which your HUD doesn't show.

UPD: Actually, I've just stumbled upon a sector with dark fog and lightnings. This is what I was talking about :)

Another option is sector with a comet in the background. Not a small one, but a huge with a huge tail. Also, I haven't seen auroras in any of those regions, while they exist on every planet with atmosphere. You can see sun outbursts, but no auroras. Binary stars, asteroid collisions, war between factions, exploding planets? Or simply black sectors with a few faint nebulae in the back, just to rest the eyes before the next awesome sector :)

9) At the moment you can only progress forward through the star map. I actually wanted to explore the whole sector before moving on the next one. Would sound like a good idea especially if you take a look at someone else's suggestion about secret sectors and making few entry/exit points in a sector. I would also suggest making a few sectors with scripted loot and missions (something similar to the last mission), so that people will have a chance to look for those sectors. Or you can have scripted pirate/colonial/g&b bases with specific missions.

Also, at the moment the difficulty progresses pretty quickly and sometimes I end up in a sector with no fuel or very little and no nano bots and absolutely no enemies and no stations, while few sectors behind I couldn't carry more fuel and nano-bots. I'd love to warp back, recharge and go further.

10) This brings me to another suggestion. There's a thread where someone suggested to transfer extra fuel into energy, if you cannot carry anymore, but I actually don't understand why is there a fuel limit in the first place? There's no limit to other resources, but a limit to fuel and nano-bots. I agree, it adds difficulty to the game, but frustration as well, when you have to leave those behind. Maybe add a "donkey-bot" as a perk? :) That will pick up any excessive materials until you have space to use them. Or at least let us blow them to pieces, so it's fun to watch :D

If you absolutely hate the idea of doing anything with the fuel and just want to leave it as it is, maybe you can consider giving us a possibility to send a fake distress call, to lure some ships and if you manage to shoot them down you get just enough for one jump? Or call in a trader that will sell you fuel for 5x its usual rate. To give you more options instead of just risking the jump.

11) Black hole doesn't always kill you. I've actually never tried to enter the black hole, but I have a strong feeling you just die :D But what if there's a small chance you can enter a secret region with either lots of resources from wrecked ships or hostile enemies with nice look? Back to that idea with sector sectors.

12) Markets. Sectors with a huge market station, lots of non-hostile vessels and a really strong security, in case you dare to attack anyone. You can buy or exchange rare components there. One small trader vessel standing alone in the middle of nowhere like it is now looks sad and lonely :) You get a feeling that it's a huge universe with advanced technology, but no one except for G&B, outlaws, okkar and you, which makes it... empty sort of. I'd love to see non-faction NPC, trade routs, huge ships that don't attack you or simply random explorers.

13) It's a small idea, but would be nice if heavy-ship could smash smaller asteroids. You can smash a bot, but I haven't seen it with asteroids.

14) Different factions/races. This is probably way too complicated to implement, but might be worth looking for a DLC or a sequel - a possibility to select a faction or even race with it's own set of ships/guns with similar features.


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    15) More missions. I'm sure you're working on them, but just a few ideas, maybe there's something you'll like:

    a) Racing. I think I've seen one suggestion on the forum. I just want to evolve the idea a bit. I would limit it to scout ship, or different race types for different vessels, similar to truck or sports car racing. And you can either have a racing with or without the weapons. Racing tracks can be either in space, through the gates, or in a huge asteroid. If you're using a scout ship, then it's all about the speed and hard turns, you can have a blaster and one mine, for example. If you're using a heavy ship it's all about pushing your opponents out of the way, with lots of mines on the track and heavy power-ups to be used.

    b) Escort. I've seen people talking about defense mission, but mainly about defending a station, which is cool too, but I mean escort missions, where a freighter asks you to help me get passed a sector for a reward and is being attacked. You see lots of freighter wrecks around, seems like a nice job to provide :)

    c) Scientific expedition. Sounds too fancy, but the idea is that a random group of scientists asks you to go to a specific sector to collect either the data or artifact. The sector either is filled with anomalies or is swarming with goo or any other alien life form. For example, they are studying the goo and how they mate, so they’ve made a device that makes the mating sounds. You go to a sector, play the device and then try to stay alive for a couple of minutes, until the data is gathered. Could be fun! :D

    d) Theft. You're asked to steal something from another faction. And I guess would be nice to have different approaches for different ship types. You can either use a cloak with scout ship, or if you use interceptor steal the passing codes to get to the enemy base first and then flee, or just shoot them all with a heavy ship.

    e) Spy missions. Again, for scout ships only, where you need to go to a certain location and intercept a message/package/whatever and then escape before you're shot.

    f) Turret mission. May sound crazy but what if there are missions where you can operate a turret of a huge vessel? I know you don't want players to fly a huge ship, but what if the ship is being operated by NPC and you just have to shoot down anything that comes close enough? Just a thought

    g) Drone missions. Similar idea. You're given a drone to operate. You pretend to be a mining drone, but you need to sneak past the security and make a diversion, for example. I understand that last two are not quite rogue-like, but might give a nice break from the main campaign.

    h) Deliver goods. You already have similar types of mission, but you can only scout a certain location for a loot box and then deliver them to a vessel. If you actually implement going back and forth through sectors, would be awesome to have missions that stretch for a couple of sectors. You can either get a mission to collect rare plasma in sector X, which is one warp away. Or similar to keys from Elite enemies, you can find rare goods randomly and then have traders buy them for cash. Or simply, you have to deliver good from one sector to another and you’re being attacked. This can be also smuggler missions, where you’re given restricted goods and you need to get them through sector being controlled with colonial warships, that scan you, for example.

    i) Shoot a view. May sound silly, but I’d play one or two of those. The idea is that some random NPC asks you to shoot (screenshot) a few locations for him/her. Might be something simply beautiful, or a well guarded base. You just shoot a few enemies and then screenshot the location or simply enjoy the view with no fights for a few credits.

    j) In Terminal Velocity (I’ve mentioned that old game) you have missions, where you have to fly to a base, shoot the vessels guarding it, shoot the turrets, fly through the base with lots of closing doors and mines, destroy the core or get a powerup and fly away. You can make similar with a huge asteroid or a small surface area, like in the last mission. Those missions were fast paced and pretty straight-forward. Basically, it’s the same idea you have, but instead of flying around the whole sector the mission is condensed to a small area with a faster pace.
    k) I will probably stop here, since my ideas are getting crazier and crazier :D The last one is to make something like a rocket league game but in space. You can have a ball, or even crazier, you have two gates and an alien goo flying around. You have to shoot it, when you hit it, it tries to evade in the opposite direction. The idea is to make it go through the enemy gates. Ah, forget it :D
    Yeah, I will stop here. I hope that wasn’t too much… sorry for making you read all of this if you had, but I really hope you get at least some ideas that you like!

    And again, thanks for the great game that Everspace is already! :)
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    Thanks for your input! These are a lot of suggestions and I doubt we will find the time to implement or even discuss them all. Maybe you should pick just a handful of suggestions that you favor the most and which do not change the whole game. Then we could comment on those.
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    I guess, that makes sense.

    My main ones are:
    1) Fix the aiming, so that you don't aim at friends or non-hostile targets before enemies
    2) Make free sector roaming, so that it's not only one way ant that it makes sense to explore them all
    3) Make tractor beam a perk
    4) Add scanning bot, which scans the sector slowly without bringing hostiles, like the scanning probe.
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    1) Do you mean auto-aiming or locking?
    2) No, that's what we want to avoid. It's always forward, we don't want the runs become too long.
    3) Then you will always have the full range when the perk is leveled up for everyone, like the sensor range right now. We try to keep some things out of the perk system. What would be the advantage?
    4) We thought of something like this: A scanning drone which flies next to you and scans the area around you.
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    Your suggestions are appreciated, @pr3t3nd3r ! Glad you were able to narrow them down.

    With number 1, are you utilizing the lock-on feature? And are you playing from a controller? With a mouse/keyboard, I'm not sure I've had an issue firing at non-hostile/friendly targets during a firefight, especially since the player drone color was changed to green, but I know the fire-assist is a bit wider for controllers.

    In regards to number 2, I like the idea of a "calm" sector where the time we can spend is much greater. Perhaps it is an enemy-free zone with just a little bit of resources/wrecked freighters/containers about the area. A space like this could feel ominous yet look stunning, setting some powerful moods. I still think there would need to be some kind of timer to push the player forward, though. Perhaps the Okkar Interceptors wouldn't warp in for twice as long?

    I like the idea behind number 3, but I think it is more of a hindrance to some great mechanics already in place. Having the Tractor Beam as a Device creates a good element of customization for the player. Being able to decide between a combat-active tool or passive-utility creates the kind of depth during gameplay that we need; it doesn't force us to go a specific route, and it allows it to be changed on a whim DURING a run.

    Having a Tractor Beam as a Perk would take away this feature, making it feel underwhelming until it was finally upgraded. Simply put, the intended design for the bonus-granting device isn't to always have it, but decide between it. I think it fits into the game really well as it is.

    Finally, number 4. I think if Scanning Bots are added, the functionality of Scanning Probes should be changed. Some time back, I hatched an idea about having Probes acquire information for the Sector Map while Bots gained information of the area. You can read more about this post here.

    All in all, thank you for your feedback and ideas! I'm excited to see what changes Everspace has in store for us in the future.
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    1) Yeah, I was talking about the lock-on system. It bugs me off pretty often especially when you try to lock on an enemy far away. You can clearly see the red square, but if's an outlaw attacking G&B base you will most likely lock on someone either close to you, or on a G&B fighter and not an outlaw. This also happens in a middle of a fight sometimes.

    I play on a keyboard and mouse.

    2) Will there be any changes to the star map then? At the moment it's a little confusing. If there's no strong story reason for running away from something, then why only forward? I was a bit surprised when I found out I cannot warp to all the sectors that are connected to the one that you're in at the moment. When you try to warp out from one of the middle sectors and see a star map, the middle ones are usually connected between each other, but you won't be able to warp between them, you only have to get one step closer to the gate. I was just thinking what's the point of the map and interconnections between sectors if it doesn't really give you a lot?

    3) The main advantage would be a free slot for better equipment. I can never go back to not using the tractor beam, when I first found it :) It's the first thing I now try to make as soon as I start a new game. I don't really care about any other resources apart from credits, until I can make a tractor beam, because it just makes me enjoy the game, instead of harvesting. Maybe it's just me...

    4) I don't really see a point of having a scanning a drone near you all the time. You already have a scanner that can see loot pretty far away. Scanning probe is quite easy to make and I usually have spare ones. I don't always use them, since they attract enemies and sometimes it just makes it too easy to find a jump suppressor for example

    And actually the idea of having a bot scan the area and probe the whole sector is nice, but at the moment it's just makes little sense, imo. As I've said you can easily craft scanning probes and the information you get on the star map is very basic with no specific information, like how many hostiles, what types, what types of resources may be found there, for example. The threat level gives you a very general idea, which is not always true, especially when your scanning probe attracts more enemies, that there were in a sector :)

    That's why I've tried to come up with suggestions as to the free roaming in sectors or at least well scripted sectors with more info on the map about the sector, so that it makes sense to select one area over the other, because at the moment the map is there just to click and proceed.
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    Thanks for all the input, some remarks:
    1) We could probably optimize this to favor enemies if enemy and neutral/friend are colse
    2) The story will make this clearer. There is a natural time limit in zones with the interceptors being on your tail
    3) I think we could add a perk that ups the collect range a bit, maybe exclusive to a ship, the gunship would probably be a candidate as it is the slowest and could need it the most. We'll discuss it here
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    I like the idea of the bulky Gunship having a Perk to extend it's Tractor Beam range; seems to fit the functionality of the vessel while assisting it's weakness of mobility.
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    Regarding the Tractor Beam device, I feel like in its current state it's a little underwhelming and doesn't have much utility. The cost of dedicating a device slot to something that only increases pickup range rarely seems worth it to me, and I replace it as soon I have something better. So I agree that it either needs to be rolled into being a perk for the Gunship, or it needs to do something more than just increase pickup range.

    Some potential ideas could be:
    - Activate to slow locked target so they can't move as fast
    - Activate to knock back targets ahead of you to disorient them (small enemies only) or push hostile drones away
    - Activate to Pull very distant targeted pickups towards you, though I can only think of Black Holes being a useful scenario for this one, and it effectively already helps with this.
    - Anti-mine defence, passive/activate to push nearby mines away.
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