My views/thoughts....

First off, I am SO glad I came across this game (purely by accident, searching for 'games like galaxy on fire on the Xbox'.

I love the whole progression of the game. I have always loved 'power-ups' as it were. The plethora of choices to spend your hard earned cash on, for me has kept me going for many an hour. For me, it's all about unlockables, the more choice, the more ways to improve your ship, the more ways there are to create different play styles....(I don't think I need to explain what I mean here right? )

I started out on easy, as hard was crucifying me at first. As I got use to the game, I progressed onto medium and am now just at the stage where (with all my bought upgrades) it's getting towards being too easy, so yeah, having the difficulty settings is a great way to introduce people to the game.

I've already mentioned this in another thread, but to me, having the option to tank my ship out with hi end shields removed is a strange idea. I get the idea is to play through, and aim to craft better shields, but every game, you will have to start an ideal world I'd like to be given the option??

I love the whole concept of this game, can't wait to see new obstacles to fly through. I love flying around the wrecked ships and exploring the derelict space stations. New types of static enemies would be cool, as would new types of anomalies (like the alien blobs) all of which I'm sure are planned. New, giant asteroids to explore, with new types of commodities to mine? I just blooming LOVE flying around in confined spaces!

My only real gripe I've had with the game, is pressing B (I'm on Xbox) after say, crafting some new missiles, pressing B to exit, and accidentally triggering my scanner (or another consumable). Can I suggest a half second delay after exiting the 'crafting page' before being able to trigger a consumable.

Recommended this game to quite a few friends so far, can not wait for more content/final release!

Keep up the great work!


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Thanks for the feedback! Glad you're enjoying the game! We'll see what we can do about the accidental usage of consumables that you're mentioning. More points of interest to explore (like the derelict stations you mentioned) are already being worked on, so there's still a lot more to come.
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