Tractor beam mk3 breaks occasionaly

RattiputzRattiputz Posts: 26Common Beta Backer, Customer
During a run the tractor beam mk3 has enough energy allocated but doesn't attract anymore. Dropping and getting it again fixes it. Is that intentional (I would think that the allocated energy is enough of a drawback)?


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Posts: 1,100Moderator
    edited December 2016
    Yeah, the tractor beam has been causing trouble for months... Unfortunately we've not been able to fix it, yet. It seems to happen irregularly and we don't know exactly what's causing it. If anyone has any steps to reproduce that work 100% of the time, that would be very much appreciated.
  • krettkrett Posts: 26Member, Common Beta Backer
    Unfortunately i cannot reproduce it, but i noticed it as well
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