[Xbox One v0.2] Codex page is unresponsive

dreampagedreampage Posts: 15Member
The Codex page in the new 0.2 version on Xbox One is completely unresponsive. I can navigate to it with RB but I can't choose any category, the cursor doesn't move neither with the d-pad nor with the left stick or right stick. Can't enter any sub-menu. It indicates that I have "New" entries in the Codex but it's impossible to choose any of it.


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Posts: 1,085Moderator
    Thanks for reporting! I've noticed that this only happens in the hangar, it should be fine while ingame?
  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Posts: 562Moderator
    Thanks for reporting. Until we fix that you can access the codex from within the ingame menu. It's only broken in the hangar.
  • dreampagedreampage Posts: 15Member
    @ROCKFISH_HCK Yes I can confirm it works during gameplay. Thanks for the help.
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