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Not sure if there is a thread on this but if there is please point me there and delete this.
(NOTE) only 9 ships in and furthest along is sector 2.

1) I know you said no DLC after game is out but I would not mind it for more ships. Something like a more fighter designed ship with less jump ability but more weapon options like 2 primary guns able to fire at a time.

2) different colors for items based on proximity. Green for close or something after you shoot a ship to something.

3) More take on base mission options

I know this game is not done and there is a lot coming. Just giving feed back based on what I have seen.

Also already noted, would like to be able to roll left HAHA. Fix online did not work.


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    1) I don't remember saying that. DLCs are certainly possible, but we don't want to think about them now, but instead focus on finishing the game
    2) I think that would be confusing, as green is used for friends (like drones you deploy). Have you noticed that the markers on the off-screen radar are bigger in size when they are near and smaller when they are far away?
    3) Agreed, we'll sure add more generic missions and of course unique ones, once the story is added
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    Maybe a different symbol for question 2? I did no t catch on to the size difference.

    Other than those right now great so far. Other than rolling left HAHA

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    Thread closed. Please name threads appropriately so we and other users can tell immediately what this is all about. It will make our life much easier, thx! ;)
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