The voice acting and lore banter is awesome.

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I've really enjoyed the computer guy telling my character more about the lore and the world around me as I play. I feel like I'm always discovering something interesting and new when this interaction takes place. I also like the quips that my character says during combat or other things.

Great job on the voice acting and story narrative! It feels natural and pertinent. More please :smiley:


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Posts: 1,085Moderator
    Glad you like it! We'll be adding the codex in the next couple of weeks and when the story elements are included there will be more dialogs, too.
  • TwoCablesTwoCables Posts: 66Customer
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    I agree, but I disagree in that some of the lines that the voice actor of the pilot recorded could've been delivered far better and far more convincingly. The voice actor for the ship's computer did a great job though.
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