Balancing of difficulty increase and AI behavior

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I played thru several times now. My experience is (and its my second job to write reviews on games) at the beginning the game is very difficult and gets too easy in the end. For example once you figured out the optimal equipment you basically work on it to get the necessary supplies in the first systems. When you dont get enough you just crash the ship and restart and gather the supplies dropped by the crash, so you double the gathered supplies. Once you have certain equipment like the beam laser or the front shield generator (not mentioning everything here) you can only be killed by your own stupidity.

Also the AI is pretty good but still once you encountered the different enemies enough times you know their moves. A Scout chief will retreat once the hull integrity is down at a certain level and start shield recharger drones. Just avoid that with a stasis missile or a webber drone and the chief is not difficult anymore. Also any enemy will go after any kind of drone and leave you alone to rebuild shield or repair the hull and give you time to kill them. This distraction works all the time.

What I am proposing is - in the beginning - the first systems - the game could be a bit easier but the difficulty increase during the time should be more. Also the AI behavior should be more scrambled. The AI should be smart enough to dispatch some of the enemies to go after drones and some to go after the player. Also to recognize the different drones (an anti missile drone isn't as dangerous as a webber drone, a combat drone is more dangerous than a shield recharger drone)

Dont get me wrong - the game is fun and I am usually not the shooter kinda guy. Everspace reminds me off Excel in Space also known as EVE Online except you gathering and building and fighting on your own. But the difficulty curve and the AI behavior needs some tweaking.


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    Excel in Space?! Your copy of Excel must be a lot of fun then!
    But yes, basically you are right. It gets too easy when you got most of the perks and know what to do. We are still balancing the game a lot and we haven't done so much late-game testing. We will do that soon.
  • BerndBernd Common Beta Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 34
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    Was referring to the game "EVE Online" which has the not so nice nickname "Excel in Space" ;-) (okay since the update of walk in stations its also called "The Sims in space :-D )

    because it has a similar problem. It doesn't matter if its a PVP-Fight or a Mission against the AI. Once you have the most common perks and implants the outcome of a fight is not determined by ability, it's just a basic mathematical problem of the combined power of the installed equipment.
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