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colesharlincolesharlin Posts: 1Common Backer ES1, Customer
hi there, bought the basic game, had 3 emails off yourselves (account creation, order confirmation and order receipt)but nothing to tell me how to download the game? any help on this would be greatly appreciated.Order #6853


  • Oups35450Oups35450 Posts: 1Member, Common Backer ES1
    Hi, same question.
    Btw, The Beta version is not anymore in the shop, How do we get access to the Beta version ?

    Thanks again,
  • NaddoxNaddox Posts: 1Common Backer ES1, Customer
    Also curious if we can still get beta access?
  • ROCKFISH_MichaelROCKFISH_Michael Posts: 373Administrator
    @colesharlin You will receive your key via email when we hit Early Access in a few weeks.
    @Oups35450 & @Naddox I am sorry, exclusive Beta sign-in has been closed a while ago.
  • COCONUTCOCONUT Posts: 6Common Backer ES1, Customer
    edited August 2016
    Just bought the game too

    So you are saying we can't get the game now and have to wait "few weeks" ??!!
    I bought it to play this week

    Why players are already playing ?
    It's a quickstarter with anticipated play !

    Also it is writted in your FAQ that the key is provided in couple of "hours"
  • oroseeorosee Posts: 1Customer
    SInce this is somewhat related (I hope), for the last 36 hours can only see my purchase status as: "Order #xxxx was placed on August 17, 2016 and is currently Processing." Does "processing" mean "you'll get a key by email when we're ready", or does it mean "our system is hanging a bit, we took the money already but not sure what to do next"? This would be a question for your Sales, but there is no contact email or guide for any problems with Sales and Payments (hint!).

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