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I've played the both Alpha and Beta versions of the game, and these are my Top Gameplay Tips & Tricks so far. These are mainly meant for new players trying to understand the game, and range from beginner to advanced tips. What would you add?

1. The Pulse Laser does higher damage to shields, the Gatling does higher damage to hulls. Knock out an enemy’s shields with the Pulse Laser and then switch to Gatling to finish him off.

2. Terrans and Aliens will always fight with Outlaws if they are close enough to notice each other. Terran and Aliens are neutral toward each other and won’t fight unless provoked.

3. Trick the Aliens into shooting something Terran. Hide behind a freighter, fuel pods or just a Terran base. if the Alien’s shots start hitting the Terrans, they will start to fight each other.

4. When you return from the Equipment screen, your ship is centered. So if you are trying to keep your reticle on the jump point, or want to stay straight without drifting, press Tab twice to enter and return from the Equipment screen and your ship will stay pointed straight ahead.

5. Pick up all equipment. Salvage any weapons or equipment you don’t want to get a few resources from them.

6. You can’t kill the large Alien Warships that are chasing you from system to system. They’re more powerful in the Beta than they were in the Alpha release. I’ve been able to destroy all of the turrets on an Alien Warship so it would stop shooting at me, but you can’t damage the hull and it will keep sending out drones and Alien Interceptors.

7. The big Alien Warships do have a limited range of fire. If you can get far enough away, they’ll stop shooting at you.

8. Enemies will follow you in a straight line. Put a mine field, enemy ships or a black hole in between you and them, and they will fly right into it.

9. You can shoot and detonate mines from a distance to clear a path.

10. You may need to shoot some mines to get to the containers and resources in a mine field. I recommend shooting as few as possible. You may want to lead enemy ships into the mine field, and you’l want as many mines left over as possible if you do.

11. You can steal equipment and resources from a Terran Freighter by shooting open the cargo container sections. This is much easier if you find a freighter without a fighter escort, but make sure you’re at least 3km away from a Terran outpost, or you will turn them all into enemies.

12. If you find a Freighter escorted by only one Fighter, use a Mainframe Override to take over the Fighter escort ship, and then the Freighter is undefended.

14. Check out any Terran, Mining or Outlaw bases for Communications Towers before you using your own Scanning Probe. If they have a Communications Hub, you can hack it and it will give you a scan of the system.

15. You can easily destroy any ships that you take over with a Mainframe Override and they won't fight back. If you have taken over an enemy ship, destroy it before jumping to the next system to get the extra resources.


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    Great list, I think this could be stickied as an one and only tips&tricks thread ;)

    Some tips I like to add:

    16. Let's start with the most important tip: don't neglect fuel, try to always get at least 25 in a system or otherwise you might run out of it in later sectors. This also means: don't skip any fights you can win, you really need the fuel. You might get lucky and find some mineable fuel, you might get lucky and find a service station - or you don't and have to make a lucky jump which leaves you with 4 damaged components (if you're lucky, haha) or your ship explodes.

    17. For sector 4 onwards Combat Drones are very valuable, use them as soon as you have the blueprint. You will often get swarmed from all sides and the AI tends to focus on the drones, giving you plenty of time to clear the field. The Webber Drones can also be of some use, use them too if you have the slots.

    18. This might be obvious but it took me almost 100h to realize the advantage of it: the Mainframe Overdrive has a range of 4km, use it! Long before you are in weapons range of a group you can already single out an ally for yourself which will draw most of the fire, similar to the drones. And yes as the OP has said, don't forget to loot the ally too.

    19. Shield XC is the better shield for the current ship, especially when modded with cool down reduce. Hide behind an asteroid, use your cloak or just fly some curves with AB and the shield will be full up again in no time.

    20. Front Shield Generator can be very usefull, you can face a whole armada of enemies straight on with the shield up and take no damage.

    21. Thermo Gun is very handy to kill turrets/missile launchers, drones and enemies behind a Front Shield (just lock & shoot). It is also a very fast miner but you have to be very close.

    22. Beam Laser and especially Beam Leaser II is probably the best solution for most fights, especially when modded with Range upgrade (even 2) and Energy Mod. There are weapons which do more damage to shields or more to hull but the laser has one advantage: it locks on the center of the enemy and stays locked if you follow with your mouse, making every shot a guarantueed hit. In terms of practical versus theoretical damage, the BL outclasses the other weapons unless you are a -BEEP- of a pilot.

    23. If you can get your hands on the Sub-Routine: Devastator, module or blueprint: use it, you do 50%(!) more damage and if you mod your weapons with the Energy upgrade and have an energy core extension installed, the negative effects are neglectable. I have a nasty feeling though that this will be nerfed in the future.

    24. To open the "Secure Container" you need to have an admin key. Those keys drop from Outlaw commanders marked with a skull. You don't need to get the key in the same system as the container is.

    25. If you run out of fuel and cannot find an enemy to fight besides Terrain Fighters, see if you can find a depot or ship with gas tanks. If you look closely, some of them glow golden and will give up some fuel when exploded. Beware though that if you do that, all Terrains in the area become unfriendly.

    26. There are Asteroid- or other bases with shield generators, destroy them to access a sealed-off area. Also, some Terrains structures have crates hidden behind shields whose generators can be destroyed too for valuable loot.

    27. Cloak is your best friend for many things: sneaking through a system (if you have enough fuel), stealing fuel from depots (see 25), but also to open Terrain Containers or Hack jammers. Especially with Cloak MK3 you can stay hidden long enough to get everything you need and jump to the next system.

    28. Perks you should focus on first (my opinion): more credits, more devices and more options for starting gear. The first is obivous because you level with credits, the earlier you max it the more it pays. The next is needed if you want to fit: Shield XC, Cloak, Mainframe Overdrive, Sub: Devastator and Energy Core Extension and you can get some pretty good stuff from the last perk, like a beam laser or cloak right from the start, gas for probes and other goodies that make life easier.

    After that invest in more consumables and also more fuel. In short, focus on the "feature" perks that give you something more first, later the ones that make your ship stronger, like shields, hull, crit and so on. At it's current state the game is not difficult enough that you would need those perks.

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    Saving this list to my desktop. Thanks for the tips guys. Really invaluable stuff!
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    29. You can one shot Terran Freighters with a basic Energy Discharge from close range as long as you're Energy Capacity upgrade is above 10-ish. It destroys the freighter and opens all of the containers. Energy Discharge 2 doesn't work, may be a bug, but I'm not sure. Fire a rocket or two at one of the freighter guards after the discharge to finish them off, then deal with the drones that spawn before reaping your sweet, sweet rewards.

    30. You can also acquire admin keys from Elite Aliens and Elite Terrans.

    31. Cloak is currently bugged as of Beta Build, and will remain active even when engaged in combat. You can use Cloak and lay waste to a dangerous foe without any threat of repercussion.
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    32. Another great way to destroy a freighter and open all of its the containers is the mine cluster. Simply shoot it at the middle of the freighter and the mines will destroy every single container while also heavily damaging the fighters.
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    33. if you can find a teleporter (or build one) they are far superior for zooming around a system than the basic booster you start with, and make it a ton easier to farm the dark energy/matter hanging around black holes. i don't have the skill to be able to use it properly in combat.

    i hope you also realise that a lot of the fun comes from discovering new items/tactics/equipment, and your list is basically a cheat sheet. anyhow, it's pretty comprehensive i don't think i can add much to it, but i would add an order of priority for survival.
    P1. fuel. fuel to escape the ever present hostile alien armada chasing you from system to system
    P2. mining/credits. right from the start you're going to die a whole heap of times, that is pretty much inevitable. to make any kind of progress you need credits to beef up your ship, mined goods can be sold at traders / service stations or used to build things to aid the journey.
    P3. combat. shoot everything you can with the time permitted, roaming hostile ships drop all of the above, but can also mess you up and end your run.
    P4. looting. there are many items that will help you survive, or will save time and extend your run, and much can be found just lying around. get as much as you can.
    P5. crafting. blueprints occasionally pop-up, if you want an item and have the blueprint then your ship has a magic 3D-printer-of-everything that only requires the right resources. scanning probes help with all of the above, you don't always need them, but most of the time you will want this essential kit.
    P6. exploring. the game is very pretty, however each area is a sandbox where straying too far means instant death. also, roaming around for the sake of it is basically inviting that alien armada to drop in on your face.
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