My review after reaching the end of Sector 4

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I just reached the end of Sector 4 (game win) and wanted to give some feedback and impressions to the devs and everyone else playing the Alpha. Overall I had a lot of fun playing and think Everspace has a lot of potential, especially since the devs are getting feedback from the player base at such an early stage.

Firstly, the visuals are really great. They might even be the best thing about Everspace right now. Flying into asteroids and debris fields feels really cool, and the backgrounds are just amazing. One of the things I want the most from the game right now is more places to explore. I remember from the Kickstarter video the concept paintings of giant asteroids with space worms and other amazing looking environments, and I can't wait to see how those turn out.

Gameplay right now has the addictive qualities you want from a rogue-like, though it is pretty dry in its current state. Obviously things like quests, characters, and story will help that, so hopefully we start to see some of those elements in the game soon. My main concern though is that the game ends up too combat oriented. Right now that's what the entire game revolves around, and to me it doesn't give the art enough credit. Between enemies patrolling the majority of resource clusters, the constant ticking clock of the giant alien "GTFO out of the sector" ship, and lack of any incentive to do anything but blow up, collect, and move on, the environment ends up getting glossed over entirely. I need some time to soak in these awesome places, and I REALLY want to interact with them more than just opening crates and pecking at asteroids to get resources. Let the combat breathe a little.

On a related note, let's do more with the systems. I know FTL was a big influence for Everspace, so hopefully that's already in the dev's minds. I want to think about my life support resources, crew, or whether or not I want to build toward mining, combat, or trade in a given run. The key to a good rogue-like is choices and consequences, and there just aren't any right now since the only thing to do is fight.

The audio is a mixed bag for me. The Sound FX are great and really fit the visual aesthetic. The music on the other hand just doesn't seem to fit the context at all. It's actually jumped out at me a few times when one of the cheesy guitar riffs comes in and just makes me wonder what it is they were going for. Like the gameplay, the music needs to create more atmosphere and presence instead of just sort of being there.

Like I said though, overall I've had a lot of fun playing Everspace so far and think it has tons of potential and in many ways is already great. I can't wait to see how the next few months go and how new features will change the feel of the game.


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    I greatly appreciate your contribution to the community.

    Your feedback is surely going to be helpful to the developers.

    The beta will surely give us a lot more ways to admire the game for it's full glory!
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    This guy knows how to bring and explain stuff. Agree to most of what he said
  • WaterbuckWaterbuck Common Alpha Backer ES1, Space Cat Posts: 8
    Great review by OP. Has covered all the points relevant as of the alpha build. Hats off for such a neatly written post. :)

    Like the OP has mentioned we need some "breather" time between the combat. Right now it looks like enemy swarms just ambush you the moment you enter a system. I would prefer more if it could be that they chill out in their own asteroid base and will only attack if we are near to their base. Thereby we get best of both worlds : if we need some combat action, we can hit their base, scouts which will make them more angrier towards the player. If not, the player can absorb the beautiful scenery and graphics of the stunning worlds that you guys have created, and when he/she feels comfortable enough can then go and engage the main/boss enemy of that system/level.

    Also I personally feel the combat with AI could be a little less difficult as it feels very easy to get destroyed by even small swarms of scout ships if we are not paying attention and not quick enough to dodge.

    But still I had a lot of fun playing this build and looking eagerly to the beta where more features are being developed, like the "Action-Freeze" and quests and all that kind of stuff. Thanks a lot again :)
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