Just wanna say Thank you

lowkee33lowkee33 Collector Beta Backer ES1 Posts: 18
I have been playing since the start of the Alpha and I have been amazed at what has been going on in the game already. Here we are again with another huge update which makes the game even better. I have to give you many props cause you guys are prompt at responding to us on the forums. From what I can tell you listen to us as well. So Thank you for doing what you said you would and more. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the future of Everspace.


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
  • ZenTigerZenTiger Common Alpha Backer ES1, Space Dog Posts: 12
    After the update, this game has become even better. I can only imagine how awesome the game will be in the end. I cant stop playing this game and the new tweaks have improved the 'fun' level where Im not just struggling to find enough
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