When will save games be safe?

I realize save game data gets wiped now and again during alpha or beta phases, but it always varies.

I don't want to grind too much if it will all be wiped out, so I'd like to know when it's safe to do so. Any info on this?


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    Based on other playtesting experiences of my own, it is likely that the wipes will occur when there is a significant patch applied (which the Developers would give us a heads-up via Forum post and/or patch notes), when the game becomes Beta, and when the game launches.
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,204
    Hi, it's very hard to say at the moment. Of course we will try our best to make it as safe as possible, but we can't guarantee. As perks and upgrades will change a lot in the next couple of weeks I would not recommend to grind too much - might be disappointing to invest in a perk that does not make the cut.
  • danpdanp Member Posts: 13
    Thanks much, Andi!
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