Thermo Gun vs Thermo Gun II stats for resources

ES_744ES_744 Common Alpha Backer ES1, Space Dog Posts: 44
Stats on these are out of whack considering the relative resources required to craft

Note: I've got some crafting cost reduction perks so they may not match yours exactly

Thermo Gun
Required Resources
Ore 13
Scrap 22
Gel 1
Processor 2
Hull Damage 22.5/s
Shield Damage 37.5/s
Fire Rate 2.5/s
Energy Consumption 5/s
Range 1500m
Speed 500m/s
Homing 1
Spread 2.5

Thermo Gun II
Required Resources
Ore 17
Dark Energy 1
Scrap 27
Gel 2
Processor 2
Hull Damage 4/s
Shield Damage 6/s
Fire Rate 2/s
Energy Consumption 16/s
Range 1500m
Speed 500m/s
Homing 1
Spread 10

Higher resource cost, energy consumption, and spread for lower damage and fire rate.


  • ROCKFISH_MarcoROCKFISH_Marco Moderator Posts: 38
    Thermo Gun II is a charged weapon and will fire multiple projectiles similar to the scatter gun. The shown damage values correspond to each individual projectile. It's a little confusing and we have already improved the display of weapon stats with the next update.
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