(Minor issue) Descriptions on craftable mods

ES_10374ES_10374 Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Pro Posts: 13
Just a little heads up for when there's a bit of free time to update the in-game text:

On all craftable mods that I have found and tried so far at least one modifier is given a unit of measurement where there should be none.

The range mod description for instance says it increases the range by 25m which would not only be a really tiny amount but also is not correct - it increases range by 25%. The energy consumption increase on all weapon mods is measured in energy per second but still is only an increase in per cent by the stated amount.

The shield capacity modification simply states 20 hull points but increases hull by 20%.

As far as I can see *all* modifiers on modifications are always a % increase. That makes the shield capacity mod much more attractive than it would initially seem (and consequently the delay much less), especially since all mods stack multiplicatively.


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