Is it OK to cheat in the game right now?

WaterbuckWaterbuck Common Alpha Backer ES1, Space Cat Posts: 8
Is it OK to cheat using something like Cheat engine just to have some fun while exploring. You know since gathering all those materials which are all procedurally placed can be a little daunting ( especially with the Interceptors coming to check on you after a while in a system)

And thanks again for all your efforts ( Dev team and backers) in realising such an awesome Sci-fi space shooter game.

Special thanks to the Dev team for making the alpha build so optimized even at this stage. It runs at 60 fps in Epic settings @ 1600 x 900 resolution even on my puny machine :)

My specs :
AMD FX 6300 @ 3.5 Ghz
8 GB DDR3 ram
GTX 750 Ti (Zotac)

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  • WaterbuckWaterbuck Common Alpha Backer ES1, Space Cat Posts: 8

    It's a single player are they going to know you are cheating, let alone care? Though, for some purposes cheating isn't really helping test this ALPHA out.

    Actually the reason I want to cheat is to get more time to test the different features instead of having to worry about the Interceptor warnings or unexpected Freighter drop-ins.

    Since I don't have a lot of time everyday to play I wanted to know if I can cheat and explore more. Can't test much if I can't even get out of the 2nd sector without just trying to gather fuel and make it to the jump gates. But yeah I do agree your point also at this state of the game build. :smile:
  • Dir7yPawsDir7yPaws Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Pro Posts: 34
    @Waterbuck because it is in alpha state, it is possible that they will incorporate an actual ingame cheat mode in order to make sure the higher tier perks and stuff are working correctly.
  • ES_1260ES_1260 Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 5
    Don't worry, I made sure that the end perks right now work correctly as it isn't very hard to cheat the game is it is based on simple numbers, this allows you to basically cheat in the game just by using Cheat Engine
  • LunoruLunoru Member, Common Alpha Backer ES1 Posts: 77
    I have used the Cheat engine to give myself 5 million dollars to test out all of the perks one by one, and all of their functions. I'm still in the middle of it, but haven't encountered a bug, where 1 level would give nothing
  • Toysrme257thToysrme257th Member, Common Beta Backer ES1 Posts: 21
    edited May 2016
    Ya. day-1 I gave myself 199 million credits & bought everything. Already found bugs with it and formed balance opinions on the ship handling from it that are otherwise 100% impossible to find in the alpha; simply because if you were to play 10 hours a day until beta started you still wouldn't have enough credits to do the same thing.

    If you want to go back to stock, you can simply reset your game in the options menu... Not like anyone is keeping score, or you get some benefit from it...
    Duh... LoL!
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