Music is... bleh

AlanAlan Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 16
I love atmospheric music in a game. Minecraft has nailed it - the music here is... what? Doesn't seem 'space' related... sorta just ok... but def needs some spicing up. NO RAP OR HARD ROCK please! Could there be choices in setup?


  • zefferonizefferoni Common Alpha Backer ES1, Space Dog Posts: 15
    I love the music :'(
  • Dir7yPawsDir7yPaws Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Pro Posts: 34
    ES_3422 said:

    I love the music :'(

    +1 absolutely think the music fits. Nice and chill most of the time and gets intense during firefights and encounters.
  • SoranSoran Posts: 95
    I like the music so far
  • yezayeza Posts: 68
    i like the music as well..
  • jypsonjypson Customer Posts: 52
    No complaints in the music department from me. Too loud sometimes though, looking forward to the sliders! :p
  • lanius424lanius424 Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Booster Posts: 13
    I wouldn't mind an option to set my own music path (iTunes library for example) and have my music play
  • yezayeza Posts: 68
    that is actually a nice idea
  • ES_1301ES_1301 Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 2
    Honestly I have to agree with op, the music has caught me a few times and had me asking what they were going for. Though yes technically it's well done (though the guitar can get pretty cheesy, sorry) and ramps in and out of action sequences well. it just doesn't really seem to match any of the visual aesthetic or sound design. It's just sort of there.
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