Mining Laser Please!

fdiaz78fdiaz78 Posts: 101Space Optimizr
Since mining is essential for progression in this game for combat we really need a mining laser option or standard equipment. Shooting ammo at rocks for crafting materials seems awkward imho.


  • EchoReaperEchoReaper Posts: 21Member, Common Alpha Backer
    Any weapon will work on asteroids. You don't need to shoot it with rockets.
  • fdiaz78fdiaz78 Posts: 101Space Optimizr

    Any weapon will work on asteroids. You don't need to shoot it with rockets.

    I understand that but its weird. Would you use a .50 caliber machine gun to cut down trees or an axe? Sure you can get the job done eventually but an axe was meant to chop down wood. :wink:
  • Grumpy SamGrumpy Sam Posts: 13Kickstarter Alpha Backer, Space Optimizr
    Do some weapons mine better/worse than others? It feels like the standard lasers mine faster than the gattling gun. But perhaps thats just me.
  • AlanAlan Posts: 16Common Alpha Backer, Customer
    I second the view for a mining laser... even in alfa this should just 'be there'. Maybe later it could be optionaable or something to purchase/upgrade to.
  • zefferonizefferoni Posts: 15Common Alpha Backer, Space Dog
    I don't mind using the laser to mine, but maybe make it an option to mine in the same way you hack the comm links - fly really close and the mining lasers do their job automatically.
  • Toysrme257thToysrme257th Posts: 21Member, Common Beta Backer
    edited May 2016
    Then craft a beam laser...

    ^skip to 15 minutes
  • lanius424lanius424 Posts: 13Kickstarter Alpha Backer, Space Booster
    edited May 2016
    @Grumpy Sam
    Gatling gun has a small change up before it begins to fire while also consuming more energy per sec
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