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Hello THE Team,

First I have to say, you've made such an amazing game so far ! WELL DONE !
I really enjoyed playing the game for more than ….WHAAAAAAT ??? ALMOST 50 HOURS ALREADY ????
Well as you said many times, the game is still far from the 1.0 and there's still a lot of room and a lot of time for improvement here and there but .... MAN I mean ... Is this really an early access ? I feel like It’s almost done, right ? RIGHT ?
It’s sooo good that I can’t wait for the full release with all the sugar you’re preparing guys … WOW !
OK ok I'm just over reacting right now but , guys, you make me dreams about space when I play the game ! Do you know that ?

OK ok time to share with you some my MODEST and *little* feedbacks. Since Eric assured us that you READ EVERY SINGLE COMMENT with the whole Team … I am pleased to write this one especially for you (Can you see that big smile on my face right now ?)

AHEMMM … let’s get started !

In my own opinion, the storyline miss some explanation about the previous sequel. Maybe few words about the lore that Eric (/o7) explained in some stream would be welcome. Like who are the Okkars, why they don’t bother this time, why there was a war/clones, why the actual Adam can’t die anymore etc . I’m sure you can set up the storyline without being too deep in few sentences before starting this second sequel.

Well it might be too early to speak about since it’s still to be discovered at the release but … I was not really « in » or if I should say « living » the story myself. On one side I enjoyed the dialogs between Adam and other characters but on another side I felt the narration parts to be too disruptive like sudently we hear « He did that …. Then he though this … Then she said that …. ».
Also the voice change for the narration bugged me when the doctor showed up. I guess I was used to the previous one…
The sentences does not feel polished (yet?) and the voice does not express enough emotion in my taste. It’s just some text read out loud.
Bu..but …. Hey I love you the Voice (yes You the girl behind), you’re still better than a TTS … I promise ! Scout words !
Ahah .. ahah .. ahah *big smile*

About the beginning of the story, especially the relationship between Adam (us) and Dax :
I felt a bit sad to see what happened to Dax and the way he has been replaced. It was so quick. Since we’re supposed to be in Adam shoes, after the ‘incident’, Dax is now gone and still, I can’t really think of him to be my partner … yet. I would have love to see more in depth lore around his character, more missions with him so when the time come, I feel like « Man ! I want him to get avenged ». Actually I was just « Oh he’s gone… but he is replaced anyway ».
Why not continue the story a little bit and let the player without the old Perk bonus (that way we can feel like « Noooooo I upgraded that perk for NOTHING!!!! ») before the next character fill the void ? Just my two cents here.
True … I love when a game makes us a bit emotional :D

Thank you …. THANK YOU to bring him back !!!! *tears of joy flowing*

It is globally fine but my brain can’t stop asking me « what is the link between a doctor and energy orbs » ?
YES I know this is a SCIFI based game so why not blablabla…. Anyway I would leave those perks to another character maybe and add something related to health/life saving (I mean something close, eg HULL or have a temporary Shield of the last resort before dying or a nanobots injection before dying something like that…)

For such a rare Item, we can destroy it and it is display in a blue color….. WHAT ???
Please, make this item the « rare » touch it deserve. Please.

Well when I started the game, I did not understand how the augment system work. I fully understand the thing when I listened to Eric’s explanations in a stream (Thanks to the Buddy who asked the question btw). When someone gather 3 pieces and create an augment for the first time, a tutorial which high light the ship’s properties with few lines to explain that we can add points on this area, would be pretty neat IMO.

Also I join my voice to the crowd asking for more visibility about the place still having an hidden EB. Amen !


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    I enjoyed grinding the reputation for the GnB faction and then … Why did I filled up those bars already ?
    OK I’m an ally so I want ally privileges RIGHT NOW !
    But I won’t bother much, I know guys you’re preparing a lot of stuff around the faction system for the April patch.

    I may just throw at you some of my ideas that came to my mind about this :
    - Be able to buy a special « GnB » like ship/weapons etc
    - Be able to dock some VIP places with VIP items/jobs/whatever interesting
    - Get some discount / special items from their shop
    - Get some distinct missions with GnB like play as a gardien of a convoy in one of their ship during the mission etc. Maybe gain access to a mini game around mineral extraction ?

    Those are really great. I mean, some of them are just here to open some containers, no big deal but I love the fact that I stop pew-pewing at everything to just find out HOW TO UNLOCK THAT FRACKIN’ CONTAINER ?! (Words… sorry)
    Did you know guys that I figured out at the late game about those little pesty « red lights» ? Soooo I went for almost all previous locations on the map to finish the work …. Pfiewww that was a huge one !
    Anyway it was still fun to look back and to realise : how did I missed that ?! REALLY AURELIEN ????

    Well I love puzzles games and I know that there is a limit to a space game to implement those tricky things but I would love to have a big secret in the game to solve as a whole thing in many different places (like activating mechanism on ancient structures or that kind of strange thing you do not understand the use for at first), that would lead to a legendary stuff …. I would be like (mimicking Eric) HUMMMMM !!! OH MY GOSHHH !

    It’s really great to be able to craft all the stuff and since I played ES1 I had an idea of how it works. The idea to gain exp for each color/quality is nice to grind but I would have preferred a more classical approach : dismantled item gives more exp depending their rarity, and we would get higher crafted stuff randomly. The more we craft, the more it gets shinny. As for collected pieces, I’d love to see the inventory of the parts I own and somehow, when in crafting mode, see what is possible actually to craft with the pieces I have. It would be nice to have different parts for each type of equipment. When a piece is needed a tips could be displayed to list the equipment that can give the specific part.
    Maybe it is already the case ? I have to admit that I’m more like « dismantle all first, ask question later » at the moment and did not pay much attention hehe ... ahem *shame*

    For my grinding needs and since I have so much money I decided to buy all coloured stuff I still need to gain the remaining exp. But it seems that new stuff doesn’t show up for a veeeeery looooooong time. Am I wrong ? Any explanation about how the shops work ?
    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I was hoping some shop to have "exclusive" items or having some special categories of items with some random changes at some point. For example I wished to find some shops in the minning areas that have some minerals that are required for some GnB jobs. In the black market, well, let's imagine some modified/uncommon/expensive/"illegal" stuff
    (illegal package could by the way trigger a mini challenge mission / jobs to be delivered at some coordinate and drawing attention to Okkar patrols ? just an idea... )

    Since we all know now that the game is not balanced yet I can’t find anything wrong with the missions. It is nice to have those random signals during the traveling time. The mix of environment is great (some in open space, on planet, inside abandoned buildings/vessels etc). I love to have challenges when I get to new areas so I can’t wait for the next systems (YES Zharkov, Khaït …. I’m looking at you *_* ).

    If I may share a little thing though, I miss a little bit those kind of encounters we had in the first sequel DLC ^_^

    I really enjoyed the visual graphics you used in the game. So far I really enjoyed :
    - the warp gate animation
    - the space travel effect (sometime Butterly smooth sometime really laggy on my rig - GTX1060 6go, Ryzen 3700X, 32gb, SSD)
    - some location with stars, planets etc in the background
    - Half destroyed star mission
    - Places hidden in a thick clouds (veeeeeery nice)
    - Thunder in some places and so on
    I just miss more huge environment like Prescott Starbase where I feel like a big floating city (5th element, my love!). Please add more of these !!!
    I also love the feeling we have when we were just in a wide and deep space and few minutes later, we’re exploring in the deeps of an abandoned station hidden in the core of an asteroid. Thumb up ! I can just say something like …. « Give me MOOOOOORE ! »

    Pfiewww OK calm down… Aurelien, calm down.

    I’m really, REALLY glad that you support Linux (already for EV1 and ….. I know I know at release for EV2).
    You deserve a big BIG HUG —Covid free don’t worry— each one of you.
    (since I’m French I should say ‘kiss’ but hey some people would not understand So …)

    Really, I LOVE YOU GUYS because, you guys … …. ROCK ! <")))><

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    Hey, is the April 'patch' going to cost money?
  • Grendal27Grendal27 Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 49
    gregggo said:

    Hey, is the April 'patch' going to cost money?

    No, it's a usual free update like any other game, as will the rest of the updates during early access, and probably a bunch after full release as well.
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