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OlleusOlleus Member Posts: 1
First of all, great game, loving what there is so far. These are the, rather minor, annoyances I've had so far and possible suggestions.

1) The red triangles on the screen that point towards enemies are (as far as I can tell) equilateral. That means I can't tell which way they're actually pointing. Can they be made more isosceles and pointy in one direction so its clearer where they are actually, well, pointing?
2) The white/grey on screen markers (for things like resources or energy sockets or similar) are very low contrast and almost impossible for me to see when they're on top of a bright building/asteroid.
3) It would be cool if there was some keyboard shortcut that would make the distances to all the onscreen indicators visible while the key is held down. Often I just want to go to the nearest enemy/container/loot and there's no easy way to tell which one that is.
4) A minimap and, especially, 3-d compass to show me where I am and where I'm heading would be super helpful. Especially on the larger maps around the second star where I always get lost.
5) Having different actions be performed by either pressing the same button once or holding it down is mildly irritating. Sometimes it doesn't register as a continuous press, but even when it does it simply takes longer. For common things like "collect all" that gets tiresome. It also took me way too long to figure out how to unlock you modes on devices rather than switching them (both done by "F").

1) The homebase doesn't feel like a homebase, as it does the same stuff as another land pad. I'd recommend adding a new room where you can chill out and chat with the other protagonists about the current state of the plot, just to make it more immersive. Maybe make it so that perks can only be unlocked there or, if that's too drastic, give a +50% experience gain bonus if you've visited this new chill out room recently.
2) Flighting through air in a planets atmosphere, or in the vacuum of space feels the same. That's weird. Flighting in air should somehow have more drag and not allow such quick turns. Maybe being stationary or going backwards should be impossible (after all, none of the crafts look like helicopters to me). Or there could be a new "atmosphere" stat for each craft type, so some are more suited to getting down to a planet than others, and get some bonus there.
3) The AI baddies have weapons that are too short ranged, meaning that keeping the distance between 1.6-2km and snipping always seems to work best. Apart from against the sniper drone, but they always try to rush me, so they don't work too well either. This is especially visible when fighting destroyers. Why do these much larger and much slower ships have such short ranged weapons? Killing them with coil guns is trivially easy, just dull and time consuming. When I'm fighting a larger ship, I should be forced to close in and dodge their big, powerful, slow cannons; not keep my distance and outrange them.

There are way too many different types of trade resources. There is no gameplay advantage of having 20 different types of ores, or 34 variants of tech mumbo-jumbo boxes. I'd cut the total number of cargo/tradeable resources to 12-20 (not counting anything that can be equipped on a ship or are mission specific), which is about how many there were in Everspace 1 iirc. That means I could actually remember what they are, which ones I need for the next perks, roughly how much I have of each, and they would each have an actual use. That would make me care about them more. At the moment I collect everything I can, dump it in storage, and occasionally look through it when upgrading perks, but have no attachement to them what's so ever.

The upgrading system where the level/rarity of systems can be upgraded is super cool. I really love how I need to destroy 4 rare things in order to upgrade another uncommon one to rare, that makes the rarer loots useful even if its not what I want. I don't see the point in the grey resources I get from dismantling things (I don't know the name because I couldn't find the screen where they are stored). Only the coloured dismantling resources are ever the bottleneck, so simply get rid of the others. Instead, I'd have the trade resources also be used in upgrading and crafting. That is every weapon/shield/booster/etc.. type would require a handful of 2 or 3 different types of tradeable resources to upgrade (and more to craft) PLUS a few of the dismantling resource of the appropriate colour.

I think this would have many advantages. Firstly, it would not reduce any of the complexity in the decision making of the game. Secondly, it would streamline everything by getting rid of needless duplicity, making it easier for the player to keep track of what they have, what they want, and how to get from one to the other. Thirdly, it makes the player pay more attention and care more about resources by giving them specific uses rather than the very generic feel they currently have. Fourthly, it would tie together what are currently disparate parts of the game. Lastly, it would save some work in designing artwork for all the resources that currently dont have their own unique picture. As I see it, these are all major benefits in game design.

Apologies for the wall of text and what might seem like a lot of criticism, especially from a a first time poster. I only bothered to sign up and write this because I'm super excited about the game now and I want it to be as good as possible. Apologies if these issues are already solved and I simply missed something in the game, or if they're already planned for development and I missed the announcement.


  • kayakerdudekayakerdude Member Posts: 2
    I agree with the atmosphere dynamics. Loot should fall to the ground.
    The red triangle is annoying. I don't know who's targeting me or who's closest. I want to be able to target the closest enemy with a one key or mouse button. They should take clues form Freelancer or Wing Commander.
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