48 storage points on home base

RevRev Member Posts: 29
It is not a bug, but a point that can be easily fixed imo. I exceed the 48 storage points very often. Btw, I love the perk where you can send items to your home base from your ships inventory! That perk is a very good idea! But since this is a looter shooter I had to buy two heavy class ships and set them up with +7 cargo units just to pack the overflow of loot into the ships.

I suggest to change the inventory space of the home base to the minimum of item variants you can use for perk leveling AND delimit the stack size of these items.

Game Version v 0.4.16214
UE4 Release 4.25-CL-14469661 (


  • RevRev Member Posts: 29
    Ehrm, with these item variants I mean Ores and tec ressources btw.
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