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first off, im a huge fan of Freelancer. Sadly there wasnt any game that came close to the combat of Freelancer. Now i saw the trailer for ES2 and thought: "This looks like Freelancer" so i tryed out the demo. The demo is already good! and i had a lot of fun with it and i cant wait for the final product. But there are some QOL things i miss, that i liked about Freelancer that are missing in ES2 and i hope they can be added at some point.

QoL Suggestions / HUD
1. While there is a freelook with ALT, i hope you can add a toggle option. Also its pretty annoying that the camera switches position behind the ship and zooms so far in. If i want to look around quickly i have to press ALT and have to zoom out first to look around. Just a small thing.

2. I dont know if i didnt saw it, but is there an option to target a target (or lock a target)? In feelancer you can just leftclick the arrow on the side of you screen or the enemy dot in front of you and then you get primary information about this target. If it goes out of vision it got a bigger arrow than non selected targets. This makes keeping track of something so much easier. Multiple times i lost track of an enemy or i found it hard to navigate to something outside of my screen (like loot or something because i cant lock my selction on it)

3. Add an option to just collect all loot around you. Idk if in the final game storage becomes a bigger problem, but in the demo it is just a pain to click on every loot item. Also in a fight i always have the feeling i miss out on loot if i dont collect it imediatly. In Freelancer you could just press B after killing someone and it just collected everything they dropped.

4. Add a "horizon" to the game. In the demo after a fight i found it always annoying to orientate me back to see, where everything is. In Freelancer they solve that, by pressing the freelook button and your ship will level/turn itself back so its no longer "up side down". This would also fix the issue, that when im docking a station my plane does a 180 flip first because i was upside down.

5. While the soundtrack doesnt sound that bad, sometime the casual space music outside of a combat got "too loud" and action like, that i though combat is happening. While no enemy was even near me. Maybe this just needs alittle bit of tweaking.

6. Probably in the making and i also saw this already in other suggestions. Voiceover for the ship (like when your shield breaks or when you activate the different flymodes) and more "space funk" from the NPCs so the game feels more alive. In Freelancer for example the NPCs talked to you on the flyby or the "police" scanned your cargo. Even if its not relevant for the player, it felt like im actually there. Screams from the enemy over funk when you killed them made the combat pretty intense. In the demo of ES2 it felt like im just shooting drones and not real enemys.

7. I never played ES1 and i dont know if later in ES2 there are ships that can shoot more than just 1 weapon at a time. I wish i could combine different types of weapons. I dont know how the endgame looks, but when i can only shoot with 1 weapon at a time for the whole game, i would imagine that the endgame would get stale pretty fast. I just know, while Freelancers weapons where pooly balanced, it still made you feel badass when you shoot 6 weapons as once and melt people. A rain of particles from the weapons feels so good.

Thank you for reading.

Kind regards, viele Grüße Perfektionist


  • Grendal27Grendal27 Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 48
    1. Agreed with the initial zoom, in ES1 it started pretty far out so you could look around.

    2. Yes, I'm not sure what the default control is for it but it might be MMB or T.

    3. Currently in the alpha there is a perk upgrade that allows you to do this.

    4.I think in ES1 there was an auto-rotate option that kept you level with the 'horizon'. Maybe this'll make a return in ES2.

    6. Enemies had comms and screams in ES1 so it'll probably make a return in ES2 as well, but none of the voice work is in at the moment.

    7. I could see heavy fighter class ships being able to fire multiple weapons at once, but we'll see what they do I guess.

  • KardininKardinin Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 15
    A lot of the gameplay revolves around weapon familiarity and damage specific to armor or shield. I think letting all weapons fire may be fun, but you'll end up wasting weapon energy as the damage output won't be as much if you stack a shield-weak autocannon with a blaster, for instance.

    That being said, didn't use beam laser at all. But when the gunship quad array beam laser started melting everything, that was HILARIOUS.
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