Hi guys, I really love this game.

I m playing with a Xbox 1 controller.
I want buy the best HOTAS for this beautiful game. So, I ask to Dev or community which are the best hotas.



  • kmunozkmunoz Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2018
    Probably the most commonly used HOTAS for most games is going to be the Thrustmaster HOTAS X. It's inexpensive, has a good weight and responsiveness, and sports enough buttons to do the job in most games.
  • Reaper_IWPReaper_IWP Member Posts: 2
    I know this is an older question thread, but something beneficial to know. If your a PC and console gamer, and looking into HOTAS options it will be helpful.

    The HOTAS X is great and designed for functioning with both ps4 and PC.
    However, if your an Xbox one player the HOTAS one is a Xbox and PC compatible option.
    If you use one console type and your PC, I just wanted to give that info, as it will help you with finding the best multi system option for your needs. Than again if your pure PC, you already know that nearly every type available will function and it’s a matter of budget.

    The HOTAS X & One are both currently priced at like $150 due to demand since covid, but they are normally around $80. I just bought my HOTAS One from GameStop for 80 but had to wait and sign up for availability notifications. You can do it with Microsoft, Dell, Newegg, and other tech companies. If you want the full list just use the Thrustmaster website to find retailers.
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