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Hello Guys/Gals,

I downloaded the beta version to see what the Facebook advert was about.

Well what can i say, its looks and feels like Freelancer, If that is the devs plan,.......then well done....
I have been looking for freelancer replacement for many years.

I do have a few questions (and sorry , i have not gone through the FAQs, (my WIFE is breathing down my neck)).

Can you buy new ships?
Is it possible to have a closer map (sector) view than rather the galaxy view?
Can you get more jobs once you have finished the ones you currently have?


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    couple of answers:
    • In the demo version you can't buy any new ships, but you already can in our closed Alpha and will of course be able in the Early Access release
    • There is no location map. We might add some sort of location overview during Early Access, we don't know, yet
    • In the current Closed Aplha there are main missions, side missions and jobs. While main and side missions are of course limited, jobs can be accepted on job boards and these offers are infinite (but you can only have a fixed number of jobs active at the same time).
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