A few ideas

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Wave Motion Gun:

So basically a laser cannon wide enough to engulf even a heavy ship many many times over, but the cannon is fixed on the body of a large ship or station which turns slowly so you need to maneuver around it before charging, otherwise risk instant death. Alternatively there are means to stop its launch by either striking a weak point or killing it if the ship is a boss.

Coil gun enemies:

Late game units would gain thermo gun, flak cannon or enemy exclusive weapons that are considerably harder to avoid, thermo gun especially would require a missile defense drone.

Truly customizable weapons as skill upgrade:

Using the upgrade points, you can alter the propeties of weapons beyond their normal stats.

Thermo gun could be able to be upgrade to use different kind of rounds like EMP, faster turning and velocity or rapid fire with inferior tracking.

Autocannon could have completely negated spin up, armor piercing which hit past armor and also have probablity of damaging enemy ship components, or presisting beyond their range but still have the spread.

Pulse Laser could have completely negated spread, shield piecering, or rebound which upon hitting an enemy with shield might randomly aim at a nearby ship.

Beam Laser could have increased damage over time borrowed from starcraft 2, attacking a second target in front of the ship (which is differentiated from Lightning gun that the other ship must also be in cone of fire), 

Flak cannon could have straight projectile, random chance to shatter a shield, or smart bomb which don't need to collide to work.

Rail cannon could have the time slow and zoom from pro version, overcharge, or a quicker and automatic charging pulse attack.

Coil Cannon is perfect as it is.

Fusion Blaster could have a lesser version of bfg that shoot out lightning to nearby targets but the projectile deals no damage (so the spread is now even worse), randomized ball size and damage, or causing damage over time effect.

I hate scatter gun.

Any way, viper is kind of difficult for first zone enemy, emp and deplorable drones are no where to be seen, and I kind of hate the leveled nature of weapon and ships (instead attach them to the npc, which provide percentage bonuses and remove the level requirement, and bonus or special attribute like sacrifing shield recharge for boost or vice versa is the only thing that differentiate different gears). Also wasn't there supposed to be part swapping for ships?


  • Yulia11Yulia11 Customer, Collector Beta Backer ES1 Posts: 84
    So regarding weapons, I think the weapon itself should not be leveled. Instead pilot levels would increase their damage and some stats. Same goes for Ships.
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