Linux support

Will Everspace2 have linux support? I really like how original everspace was made... Can i hope for the best?


  • HazzyDevilHazzyDevil Member Posts: 27
    Yes there will be Linux support!
  • DiHidrogenMonooxideDiHidrogenMonooxide Member Posts: 12
    > @HazzyDevil said:
    > Yes there will be Linux support!
    That’s AWESOME!
    First was one of the best games with native Linux support! Hope second will be even better!
  • benvantendebenvantende Member Posts: 2
    I am currently running the Early Access with Kubuntu and Steam Proton Experimental. I had to change some settings, because else the ship would just swirl all over the screen. Although not all settings are Epic I am really happy with how it runs and looks. Of course looking forward to pure Linux experience.
  • tdphystdphys Member Posts: 1
    Running Arch, Xmonad, Steam Proton Experimental. Graphics on way low - no mouse. Love this game, looking forward to native client!
  • DiHidrogenMonooxideDiHidrogenMonooxide Member Posts: 12
    I'll wait for release: i want non-spoiled experience: with ES1 it was really cool, because you don't know what happens next....
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