Having at a 'ancient'

gregggogregggo Member Posts: 48
I get there, do the monster in, and then, make it to the inlet to the fort, or whatever the *#!&* that thing is. I go in, go to the obelisk, It opens up, there is a new glyph for me. I claim it, and the next thing I know, somehow I am dying and have to go back to the barn. I don't get it. Here is the youtube link:
So, what did I do wrong? I hate the barn.


  • HazzyDevilHazzyDevil Member Posts: 27
    You didn’t kill of all the ancient splitters, one must of followed you inside and thus you were taking hull damage.
  • gregggogregggo Member Posts: 48
    So, after defeating that big'ancient' and nearly getting sucked into the black hole, I have to find a way, and place away from the 'hole' to try to destroy those splitters? Ok. Next game, I will try that.
  • gregggogregggo Member Posts: 48
    Finally, I can wipe out a Corvette without too much sweat.
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