[003] Object mouseover tooltips could be clearer

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Current tooltips

I feel like there is some room for improvement in the tooltips that appear when you mouse over objects/items in the game (again, assuming you guys haven't already made changes since the prototype :) ).

Maybe add a background and a line?
Sometimes depending on the background it can be difficult to read, so I feel it could greatly benefit from a background and a line drawn from the border of the object (See also [001] Keep icons on mouseover in the game world). If you don't want to add a line, you might want to at the very least nudge it closer to the object being hovered over so it's clearer what the floating tooltip refers to. Another good thing about a background is that it allows you more room to play with colors in the text.

Improve distance readout font and colors
I feel like a fixed-width font that doesn't use a fixed width for the decimal looks cleaner for the distance readout. In my samples I chose a very digital looking font but many others will work too. Also, adding a subtle color difference between the number value and the unit ("km" in the examples) is an easy way to make the value more salient.

"Pull" and "Pull All" improvements
The difference between the icons "Pull" and "Pull All" could be a bit more salient. I didn't even know there was a difference until I took a screenshot and looked at it closely. And if possible, it would be nice if there is in fact only one thing to pull that you hide "Pull All" option to make it clear when you will only be getting one thing.

I found that a black background of about 35-40% transparency to be pretty decent for a range of cases (from very light to very dark backgrounds). I've uploaded some sample screenshots of what implementing my requests might look like. I went with a nice yellow color for the title font based on the yellow in the icon for home base (but lightened up), but you might also play with using other colors as well (yellow, white, green, purple, red, blue).


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    Just going to bump this so we don't lose it in the whirlwind of ideas. :smile:

    We've already gone through several iterations of the HUD UI, and we'll likely revisit it several more times. Your feedback here is great because some of it echoes our own internal ramblings.

    I'm sure we'll continue this discussion as development continues, especially once the Alpha begins.

    Thank you for your feedback.
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