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What are they? How are they used?


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    I feel dumb. I just went to Wiki and found the answer. Very complex it seems;
    Enhancements are ship upgrades found while exploring Cluster 34 in Everspace. These are either Glyphs found inside Ancient Structures or Subroutines hidden inside derelict Colonial stations. Enhancements of either type may have negative effects on your ship when installed, as a cost to its benefits.
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    So, when I see a large blue hologram (Subroutine), what am I supposed to do? Fly into it? Shoot it? What? Before the Okkar fleet arrives and I have to leave.
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    You just fly into it and scan it. After that it is available from the hangar before you start a new run.
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    Next time ask in the ES1 section since this is specific to ES2
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