Component damage and more large ship types.

I have played everspace for a long amount of time, maxing out every ship upgrade and learning how to kill all of even the largest ships. Even dissarming a colonial warship by destroying all of its cannons. But that was the most you could do to warships is either dissable their guns or destoy their power cores for massive damage. Will there be both a larger variety of warships and capital ships along with more in-depth component system. Like destroying the docking bay sheilding to fly inside and destroy the ships sitting inside before they activate. Or destroying a targeting computer dissableing their missile bays.

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    Looking at the Demo tells us a lot about this already. We see both and Outlaw Destroyer whose turrets sink into the ship to repair on a timer and when Erik takes out the outlaw base, we can see a variety of structures from generic fuel tanks to turrets, faction (or rather, subfaction banners) and so called "boost structures" which work similarly to drones that provide shield or sensor perks in ES1. Taking these out bit by bit grants you access to the core, in which you can then destroy leading to the miniboss fight with the Madcap.

    They also show a WIP test of a system that allows you to enter much larger (assumed to be capital ship class size) vessels that require taking out from the inside. Given bases are fully persistent and the fact you can fly into mines in both asteroids and on planet surfaces, so I would also assume that you could take out mines deep down from the inside using a similar mechanic.

    As for component system, this image on their kickstarter shows a much more in depth perk/component system, and I would fully expect part of this to added to high level enemies, such as subclass specific abilities like EMP and the ability to do, say, X damage to overheat or cripple it - by perhaps hitting a certain part of the ship - although I cannot confirm this.


  • Very cool. I don't have access to the demo quite yet and I have had trouble looking of footage but this definately spells good news for the game thanks.
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