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I'm hoping to get good at this game but on normal mode I'm just not proficient at the game yet to manage a few aspects, so I'm going to have to start on easy mode before moving up to normal, but on checking there is no game difficulty setting..

When I start a new game I get jumped into the tutorial with no difficulty setting and seemingly auto normal mode.. can someone direct me to where I can choose level of difficulty? I sincerely hope the MS xbox game pass for PC has this function because I wont be able to play the game without starting at the bottom and slowly learning. Getting the pass was influenced by this and the outer worlds being part of the game pass line up.

In any case please let me know if and how I can select difficulty so I can enjoy learning how to play this game. Many thanks!


  • PedalToTheMetalPedalToTheMetal Member Posts: 149

    can someone direct me to where I can choose level of difficulty?

    Just die! Not IRL, of course, and no offense :smile: - seriously, after getting killed you are back into hangar safe and sound, and upon starting the next run you will be asked what difficulty setting do you want :) On a side note, ingame death isn't the same here as in the other games, that is it is a part of gameplay, and not a gameover but more of a low-grade completion rank, or even just a backtrack (as story-wise your constant deaths and respawns are well-explained). It causes no real penalty nor any unrecoverable losses, it is still a way of progression - and it will happen to you many times depending on your luck. Chances are (though slim ones :tongue: ) you even will fully complete your very first run, though even if not you will still get at least some credits to upgrade your ship - so try to hold up as long as you can :)

    p.s. This doesn't apply to the Hardcore mode, where death is indeed the end. The HC, however, is a whole different game with other starting conditions, goals, story and so on.

  • UnrealisedUnrealised Member Posts: 2
    Hello, thanks for answering!

    I did of course die quite quickly when I first entered the game for the first time and upon starting the next run there was no option to set difficulty at that point. Unless I managed to miss that?

    The game itself is excellent although to be honest the roguelight gameplay is not for me, if I can access the easy mode to learn the ropes of the game I'll feel like I'm making some progress. Dieing repeatedly in a game just is not fun for me, even if I know its intended and part of the game design. The trouble is there are very few games similar to this, however I'm prepared to give it a shot even if my frustrations make we want to salt my keyboard.

    Thanks for your time!
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,204

    like @PedalToTheMetal pointed out, after you press "Launch" in the hangar there always is a difficulty selection that will set the difficulty for the next run. I think you must have missed it. See the attached screenshot
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