What's Up With Xbox One Controller Support On PC?

ShwingShwing Posts: 3Member
Just bought the game, and no matter what I do none of the controller options seem to change anything. Y axis won't invert / crosshair won't remain stationary etc.

Am I missing something?



  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Posts: 1,102Moderator
    Hi, I've not heard of the issue before, I'm assuming that it's either some conflict with Steam Big Picture mode/controller configuration, some binding conflict or you're probably using the wrong menu / wrong checkboxes.

    Please try the following:
    - Disable Steam controller support for this game
    - Reset all bindings to default. This only really works reliably by deleting two config files, the Input.ini and the GameUserSettings.ini while the game is closed. They can be found at C:\Users\{YOUR_USERNAME}\AppData\Local\RSG\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Note that the AppData folder is hidden by default, you can easily access it by typing %localappdata% in a Windows explorer address field
    - Then go to options->controls->controller and check if toggling "Invert Y-Axis" and "Centered Crosshair" have the desired effect
  • ShwingShwing Posts: 3Member
    Thanks for your reply Andi.
    I solved all the controller issues by downloading a user config from the Steam community.
    Surely the official controller settings should've worked as opposed to replying on a community member?
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