This needs to be installed on a system drive

Hello! I recently picked up the "Play Anywhere" version of Everspace from the Windows Store, and am having trouble getting it installed on a drive other than C. I am getting the message "This needs to be installed on a system drive..." when trying to install it. Surely that isn't an actual requirement? I've tried uninstalling it, and rebooting, but get the same result. Any info appreciated!


  • rfg_joernrfg_joern Posts: 9Moderator
    Hi GlitchKrieg,
    your are right, in general it should not matter on which drive Everspace is installed to. I just checked this on my system and can confirm that I'm running the UWP version from my secondary drive as well. But I also remember this is not the first time I'm seeing this issue and it seems that this is rooted in the UWP system. As a possible workaround I would advise to change the default storage location for apps prior to installation. In case this is not successfull, you also could try to install to C: and then move the app later on via the "Apps & Features" system panel.
    For more in-depth information have a look at this MS blog post: Installing UWP apps to alternate drives
  • GlitchKriegGlitchKrieg Posts: 2Member
    Hey, thanks for the reply! I will take a look at the article, and do some troubleshooting. I appreciate the help!
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