Ps4 Pro 4k Framerate

Hey there, just got my copy of the game on the PS4 Pro. On the tutorial mission, only the first level / zone is keeping a steady framerate, all other locations, where we have more debris or traffic are dropping frames and the game runs choppy. I know the game is locked to 30 FPS on 4K, but it does not keep the framerate stable. I will give it a go on 1080p / 60 FPS too, just to see what is the situation there, but for now, it's lower than 30 most of the time ??


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    Hello, thanks for your report!
    We know that the game's framerate is slightly going down in a few situations in 4K mode, and are working on solutions for this. Do you remember the exact situations where this occurs?
    In my opinion, the 1080p mode is the "better" one, since we also increased some graphics settings and added a bit of super sampling for PS4 Pro.
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