Credits, how to get them, are there any legit cheats that I can use?

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Just wondering if there are any legit cheats I can use for credits? As this is a great single player game, just want to max my ship out, explore and fight, so even when in an area for a little I can compete with the reinforcements for a little :)

Is there a cheat code that can be used, or maybe copy someone else's saved game who has lots of credits?

Great game.

Thank you.


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    Hi, there are no cheat codes, but It's indeed easy to use someone else's save game. You could for example copy someone else's CurrentRunSave.sav at the moment he/she is during a run in a later sector and has a lot of credits and then simply die which should take you to the hangar to spend your credits.

    But where's the fun in that? ;-) I recommend learning the ropes in easy mode and investing early on in the credit perks and the energy perks. More device slots are also useful.

    Ore maybe watch some pro players play for some good strategies:
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    That, though I'd not invest into those credit bonuses that much: better invest more into fuel and energy, which is somewhat better for your survival should you get swarmed or just in a fuel-unlucky run. Better alive with somewhat less of some real cash compared to what you'd get investing into creds bonus, than dead with twice of those mere coins you get for a failed run :)
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    Thank you,

    I used this method -

    And it worked perfectly, I finished it on 'easy' (although I think I skipped a bit with that alien warp thing) and had 26k credits, then after backing up my current run save files, I just copied them across and died again until I had enough credits to buy and fully upgrade all my ships (which was a lot, took about 220k credits for each ship excluding pilot)

    Really enjoying the game, and I love that I can essentially save game at certain locations by backing up my current run files. Especially handy if I find an enhanced gun that I really like. It's also great that if I find a new color I can add it to my ship and the backed up current run saves will run the new colors I've used on my ship, same for blueprints etc.

    Great game, would love to be able to destroy a Colonial Warship though, with a massive explosion. :)

    I was also thinking too, it would be so cool to have a mod or extension of this game with multiplayer/coop where we are essentially during the brutal and mutually devastating war, could have players spawn in Colonial Warship type crafts among heaps of AI vsing the AI and other online players, similar to how we vs ourselves AI for DNA.


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    You could simply track down the credits storage location in your save file, I doubt it is checksummed ;) Though I prefer a non-cheat approach, but you be you :) Also if you need an easy way out, you can simply quit every time you get swarmed as the continue option will reset you to the beginning of your last location.
    As for some massive destruction, trust me you will get plenty of it later on, especially with Encounters installed.
    ps What I truly love ES for is the absence of both multiplayer and big player-controlled ships ;)
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    Haha, I tried to do that and I had not run into the Alien thing yet, when I killed it I was too close and I didn't know whether getting sucked into it was part of the plan or not lol.
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