Steam Cloud not syncing between PC and MacBook Pro

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I have two machines.

Machine 1: A PC running Win10 Creators Update, i7-2600, NVidia GTX 980.
Machine 2: A MacBook Pro 14,3: macOS Sierra 10.12.5, i7-7820, AMD Radeon Pro 560.

I'm running Everspace on both machines. Both machines have the latest available versions of Steam and their respective operating systems. In the properties for Everspace on both machines, Steam Cloud Synchronization is enabled. Both machines report that Everspace has stored data in the cloud, however, it is not the SAME amount of data. Other games do not have this problem—for example, Stellaris on the Mac sees all the cloud saves originally created on my PC.

Somehow each machine has stored a unique save to the Steam Cloud. This obviously defeats the purpose of using the Steam Cloud. The save I want is currently on the PC. How can I force the Mac to use the save data that is already in the cloud?

Screenshots here to show that both Steams are current and the discrepancy in cloud save size:




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    Hi, sorry to hear this - this is solely configured on steam and at first glance it looks perfectly normal - the only thing that is normally required to do is to specify the save folders and these are correct. We'll take a look at the steam cloud sync documentation for troubleshooting and see if we're missing something
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    Unfortunately, I also experience the same problem with the latest patch. I installed Everspace on my Windows 10 partition with Boot Camp to compare the graphics performance with Mac OS. I was disappointed that Everspace in Windows did not load my Mac OS save from Steam Cloud. Would you please advise troubleshooting steps or report this bug?

    Also, the graphics performance of my iMac's NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M under Windows seems much better than Mac OS. Under Mac OS, I had to apply the solutions I saw elsewhere, such as full screen, disabling vertical sync, and reducing graphics quality. Still, explosions slow the frame rate to single digits. I am grateful that Unreal Engine 4 is available for Mac OS and it is convenient to avoid rebooting, but the performance could be improved.
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    Hi, I did not know it at the time of my last post, but we decided to not support cross-platform saves on purpose, because we sometimes did not have game updates across all platforms at the same time and this could have been a problem with save game compatibility. So while cloud sync is activated on all platforms, the cross-platform sync is not.

    It should however be possible to manually copy and transfer save files (at your own risk, but it should work).

    Windows location: C:\Users\{YOUR_USERNAME}AppData\Local\RSG\Saved\SaveGames
    Mac location: ~/Library/Application Support/Epic/RSG/Saved/SaveGames
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    Thanks for the tip and letting me know the game is working as intended!
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