Hello, I.m a newbi, I just bought everspace and i didnt find were to download the software.
apologise for my english




  • faralligfarallig Customer Posts: 2
    Sorry i realized that my question was incomplete I bought everspace from steam and i hv received
    the activation key via email. the point is that I do now know were i can download the software.

    pls kindly help


  • TheBStarTheBStar Member Posts: 3
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    Hi Gabrio. Welcome here. :smile:

    For Steam you got the Symbol directed right in the Task bar. Click on it with right mouse button and choose an option "Library" or else in your native language. In that library you search for Everspace (depending on your visualisation) and click on it, where the button "Install" is visible. That´s the only option in Steam to install and play the game.

    Downloading the software is impossible over Steam. It´s binded on this account. Only over the GOG Galaxy Software or Homepage it´s able to download a safety copy of the game.

    Hope i could help.

    Stay healthy!
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