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Seeing people posting indie games here I also want to join in. Hey, why, a hardware engineer can not be a game developer? Of course he can't, so this will be truly stupid :) It started as a toy project I was making in a hotel when had to work on some distant object, soon it grew into something pretty fun :) Behold, The Tunnel Flying Simulator (pun over the "walking simulators" intended, indeed"). Well, all that can be done so far is 6-DOF-flying an endless tunnel back and forth and shooting two weapons (and you can type stuff into the onboard terminal with or without consequences), at least I find it much better then having to walk it on foot without any weapons like they do nowadays. No, there is no annoying story like in most walking sims and it has some VR support (using crossed-eye image, of course :P). I liked how the lighting (with vector lights) and particle effects turned out however :)
Anyway, the current state (weapons @3:15, ANSI console at the very end):


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    Killed the stupid texture-free idea for a better-looking cockpit :)
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    Sorry for img-spam, murder this thread for good should it break any rule!

    Was messing with that homebrew engine again, got the texture gamma finally patched up and started up with some other things. Can promise once done this will be better the Everspace for one sole reason: it never will be done :tongue:

    Finally added some enemy guys :)

    ...and also fixed-up the particle-based explosions... (no, it's not dark - the adaptive brightness catches up with the bright explosions and ion gun shots here)

    Mixed Gaussian-stochastic radials are fun :)

    When things come crazy, the augmented reality is all you want...

    Best soundtrack ever (if you didn't catch it, yep, there is no OST of course :wink: - yet there is a built-in file explorer that fires whatever you want through a DShow graph).

    After I finished that cluster, my coworker said those things are definitely lightbulbs, not LEDs. Well, a logical step is implementing a lightbulb test directive so you'd know should any of them fail (spoiler: they will not).

    HDR fun - simply placing a bright red shell around an enemy's cockpit creates a nice NieR-ish red glare :)

    Railgun's explosion corrupting your vision. Tested - never use alike filters in stereoscopics, let alone VR - causes massive nausea pretty fast, I'm not joking.

    And the biggest feature so far after the vector lights - zero-bias shadows and raymarched surfaces. The latter somewhat fights tesselation (each floor tile is baked from 200k reference triangles, "tesselate this" :) ), while the shadows are a tricky geometrical attempt at getting rid of both the inside-out rendering and the shadow bias (it is present just for the depth tests to properly pass, the value is around a couple of mm taken a tunnel segment is 5m long).
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