Missile selector wheel flickers every time I move the cursor!!

Hi there,

I literally bought the pc version a few days ago and couldn’t wait to play it.

Every time I move the mouse cursor around the middle of the screen, the secondary weapon selector wheel flickers and I can’t tell you enough how annoying this is. If this can’t be fixed I don’t think I can handle playing the game.

I’ve made sure my controls are default and that nothing obvious could be causing it. The only way that I have been able to get rid of this problem is to fire off all of my missiles and have no form of secondary weapon attached, which obviously means there’s no reason for the selector wheel to show up.

I google searched this issue and found one other guy having this same issue back in September this year. Unfortunately there’s only 3 posts on this topic and none of them provide answers.

Please help me play this wonderful game by solving this issue. I know there’s no way I can play/dog fight when every time I move the mouse the selector wheel flickers right in my line of sight.




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    Hi, sorry, we're all out of office until the new year.

    It sounds to me like a key binding conflict in which mouse x our mouse y (mouse movement) triggers weapon selection. I recommend resetting them to default. Unfortunately the reset from the menu is a little buggy, to reliably reset pease try the following: Go to C:\Users\{YOUR_USERNAME}\AppData\Local\RSG\Saved\SaveGames and delete both! the Input.ini and the GameUserSettings.ini. Let me know if that fixes the problem
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