Nanobots and fuel in-cockpit unreadable

In the Interceptor, with First Person FOV at 110, the cockpit version of the Nanobots and Fuel gauges fall outside the viewport, thus being unbable to be read. They will appear when moving the ship to the sides, thus moving the camera angle slightly to that side, but it's just not nice to have to work around it. Will post screenshots with First Person POV both at 110 and at 90.

FP FOV 110:

FP FOV 90:


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    Hey there! That's the Scout cockpit I see, but no worries. We have the UI above the ship so you can see nanobots and fuel just in case players change their FOV drastically.

    Even still, if a player has chosen to remove the UI while in cockpit mode, it's possible to look around. Hold the ALT key while moving the mouse to see around the cockpit. This way, even if something is out of view, you can look over to it. Kind of pseudo-VR, I suppose.

    Because everything is in the field of view as default, as well as having options to look around/still have the information displayed when using modified settings, I think this is fine and working as intended.
  • PedalToTheMetalPedalToTheMetal Member Posts: 149
    Platform specs would be nice. And, trust me, it is relevant as if none given I'd simply wonder why are you running a 4/3 aspect ratio.
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