Windows App store app not working after splashscreen

Dear Sir,

After reinstalling the app twice and restarting the app, I would still get a black screen that does not show anything. I purchase the game in 6 September and I think the problem started about 30 September, I could play until section 7 and found 5 strain of DNA after but this problem started.

I have a:

MSI i7 laptop GE626QF
Nvdia GTX 970M

Please help thank you.


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,176

    very sorry to hear about the problem. Unfortunately we're unsure how we can help you, as the Windows Store version pretty much is a blackbox for us - For the GOG/Steam versions you could easily send us your savegames and we could have a look if there's something wrong with the files (which we actually do not assume, as there are no current issues known of save games not being able to load, but it could be helpful), but there's no way to access these files when using Windows Store / Universal Windows Platform. And the next bad thing is that it seems that you don't get any error message, as our crash reporter is not working with the Windows Store version - plus it seems to not even be a crash but rather a freeze which makes it even harder to pinpoint.

    Out of the blue I'm assuming that something on your system changed around 30 september. Do you remember installing a new graphics driver or any new software (maybe software related to displays)?
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