Crash when resuming computer from sleep

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Win10-64bit, Intel Core i5-7600, GeForce GTX 750 Ti, Nvidia driver version 398.82, game version
I had Everspace open and in-game (paused) in the background. I believe I clicked "Show Desktop" and then put my computer to sleep. When I resumed my computer Everspace was gone and the UE4 crash reporter was open.

I've attached two files. "crash-reporter-plaintext.txt" is just a text version of the above image, and "" contains the crash dump.


  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Moderator Posts: 579
    Hi! As you can see in the crash report, the game thread timed out waiting for the render thread. I think there's not much we can do about that since it's Unreal Engine functionality, sorry.
  • The Lovely PotatoThe Lovely Potato Member Posts: 2
    No worries! I'm just glad that the game makes a save point after each jump. I had just finished entering a new location before I had to leave for a little while. I don't really expect many games to be all that happy when the computer suspends itself. I just wanted to present this in case it could be helpful in the future. Thanks for the reply.
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    To be honest I'd recommend disabling the sleep mode altogether. Many programs that utilize GPU contexts (like CAD, CAM or modelling software) - and nearly every game - usually suffer from entering the sleep/hibernation modes. On the other hand, the both named modes, although useful for a lower-spec machine, are pretty much rudimentary for a modern PC capable of running the modern games. The recovery of a memory image of even an 8GB pool takes not much - if any - less time than a cold start of the system from an SSD. The idle power consumption of a system ready to enter the sleep mode is really low as both the CPU and GPU are already running on their idle clocks while the HDDs are usually long offliine at the point, so the mere wattage won from the sleep mode itself isn't worth the risk of software crashing upon exiting the named mode. So, unless having a bad habit of accidentally leaving the system running for days, disabling the auto-sleep mode is a big win for a price of a few watts-hours in your electricity bill.
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