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I have two monitors set up due to one being my laptop lcd and the other is my main monitor where I play all of my games. For some reason this game will not load on my main monitor and its seriously irritating. I have to keep going into window mode and pulling it over and sometimes that crashes the game all together. Is there some fix for this? I'm not sure what the deal is because none of my other games behave like this.

The game is gorgeous and I just want to get playing!

Thanks - Scott


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    Hi, someone posted about this on the steam forums as well, where I gave this answer:

    I googled this problem a bit and it seems that all Unreal Engine 4 games are affected (even Fortnite). It seems to depend on which monitor is detected first. From what I've read it might also depend whether one of the monitors is connected via HDMI or DVI - Unreal seems to regard the DVI monitor as first monitor (but this is unconfirmed, I just read that one user was able to fix it by switching the cables).

    If you're on Windows 10 it seems you can switch the monitor on the fly by holding Windows key and shift and then press the direction arrow key towards the monitor you want the game to go to.
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