Problems with blueprints finding in the end

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I've completed the story, have more than 100 tries, all perk and glyphs upgrades. And have found a lot of blueprints, including all Froggs bought.

But there are about 20 more blueprints to find, and I cannot find any for about 15 last tries already. I try on any difficulty and ship, destroyed a lot of skull-ships, corvettes and frigates, lore a lot of common and key-locked chests - and no blueprints.

It is more bad, that I cannot complete Tareen last quest with blaster without its blueprint.

I play on PS4, all patches.

Any special advice on finding blueprints, may be some special conditions for rare items? Or it is a bug?

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  • duckselducksel Posts: 2
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    Yes, great advice, thanks

    1. It seems it is a problem with the blueprints in the end. Usually I found 4-5 blueprints per run, and after the end of the main quest I found only 2 in twenty runs.

    2. Finding Fusion Blaster M6-A is usually not so difficult using save-load way. Thanks.
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