Patch 1.3.0 (Windows, Mac, Linux) / 1.03 (PS4 - Americas) / 1.02 (PS4 - Rest of the world)

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We've just released another patch on Steam and GOG (v.1.3.0). PS4 will follow shortly with different version numbers (but same content). We're also about to submit this version to Microsoft for certification, so Xbox and Mircosoft Store will most likely get this update some time next week.

Also note that there's a delay for the GOG Linux version, it will most likely be released on Monday.

Here's the list of changes for all versions:

New features
  • Added the possibility to toggle the visibility of the game logo in Action Freeze mode
  • Added a gamma correction option
  • Fixed player wreck retrieval not working at all
  • Fixed "G&B Container" and "G&B Tech Container" not being localized
  • Fixed clipping of localized "no target" text in cockpit
  • Fixed Gunship turret shooting at targets after cutscenes although not being activated
  • Fixed time still being slowed down if opening compare menu while shock rifle pro is charging and swapping shock rifle twice
  • Possible corrupted save game fix: Only write real save game if backup savegame could be written and loaded
  • Use a different sound for Colonial Warship laser turrets to possible fix sound issues on a few systems
  • Additional save game corruption measures: Write a second player save file as backup when player dies
  • Encounters: Fix scanning task markers showing in hardcore mode although scanning is not possible
  • HTC Vive: Fixed that menus could be at the wrong positions / orientations in room-scale mode.
  • VR: Fixed an Unreal Engine issue causing WMR devices to not render correctly (note that we still don't officially support WMR devices). This should also fix rendering issues when playing on SteamVR using an Oculus headset.
  • VR: Fixed that you couldn't reset the camera in the main menu when playing with a controller and the menu wasn't focused first.
  • Xbox: Fixed sound crackling due to new XMA decompressor - reverted to ogg vorbis format
  • PS4: Added a resolution selection to the display options screen, which is visible on PlayStation®4 Pro if the system resolution is set to 4K.
  • PS4: Performance optimizations regarding lifeforms and junk field locations
  • PS4: The second intro video is now loading faster
  • PS4: Fixed German Umlaut uppercase letters in some menus
  • PS4: Fixed that the "controller disconnected" message was shown after returning from the system menu


  • pterpter Member Posts: 3
    Any update on which Monday GOG Linux version to be updated? As of this, only seeing I'm having technical issues I'm hoping 1.3 might provide more options.

    Thank you
  • Bl4ckSh33pBl4ckSh33p GermanyMember Posts: 25
    Hi. Any news about skins not working on the 3 basic ships on Xbox? I have a game preview save and skins only work on the new ship in encounters.
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317

    Hi. Any news about skins not working on the 3 basic ships on Xbox? I have a game preview save and skins only work on the new ship in encounters.

    We've received your save game from Microsoft a few days ago but still need to find out how to convert it into a format we can debug under windows. We've also been very busy (and I had last week off). But to be honest it's not top priority, as you seem to be the only person affected (as far as we know), so even if we can fix it, we probably won't release a patch just for this fix but rather wait a little until we have made a few more fixes for other issues being reported and then submit a patch - so don't expect anyting to happen soon.

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